Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Awesome RomantiCon 2012

It seems that everyone on FaceBook who went to RomantiCon already has already uploaded and posted their photos, unpacked their bags and done laundry, caught up on their sleep, and written 5,000 words their first day back. Except me. I'm sooo late with everything.

This techno-nerd did, however, manage to transfer some photos to the computer, so I'm posting a few that came out well. Starting with the "Awesome Author" awards which Ellora's Cave She-E-O Patricia Marks gave to Desiree Holt and me. The design around the star reads "You Make a Difference."

"Cris Anson, Ellora's Cave, Awesome Author 2012"

This award so took me by surprise that I don't remember half of what Patty said as she read off the citation. The gist of it was, Desiree and I both lost our husbands while writing for Ellora's Cave and we came back stronger and sexier (in print, anyway) than ever. In slogging through widowhood and beyond, I've come to appreciate everything life has to offer, especially making new friends and ogling the gorgeous, much younger Cavemen. I do remember that tears ran down my cheeks as I returned to my seat, truly humbled and grateful to be part of the EC family.

With the Cavemen and my Awesome Author Award

As to the rest of the weekend, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's the equivalent of 10,000 words or so:

The 2012 Cavemen posing and having fun

The JillyBelles with our editor, Jillian Bell - photo by Will Duke, Ellora's Cave
Justin Whitfield and Taylor Cole, authors of "Take It Off!", with Kathy Kulig

Kaenar Langford, Joy Harris, Jillian Bell

Kristin Daniels, Caveman Rodney, Kristyn Warren

Rodney always makes people laugh, and I'm no exception
Poi Dancing 101 with a Cleveland Exotic Dance teacher

Heidi Lynn Anderson, Lisa Lee, Caveman Christian, Francesca Hawley
Cris Anson, Caveman Ryan, Cristal Ryder
Cavemen Ace and Nick
Caveman Taylor movin' it!

Caveman Ryan with Fran Lee

Kaenar Langford, Shoshanna Evers, Cassandra Carr

Nicole Austin, my tablemate at the BookFair

Rodney received a special "Ultimate Caveman" trophy, which he promptly noted was three inches bigger than the Alpha Caveman trophy.

Ultimate Caveman Rodney
And last, but far from least, the participants voted for Alpha Caveman of the Year, Nick Soto *sigh*

2013 Alpha Caveman Nick Soto

If I mislabeled anyone, please let me know, and feel free to paddle my butt at next year's RomantiCon (October 10-13, 2013 at the same place, McKinley Grand Hotel in Canton, Ohio).

Which was your favorite Caveman?


  1. Ah, Cris. These pics keep me safely cocooned in the Cave bubble *sigh*

  2. Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing Cris!

  3. Wow, you got great pictures! Being around you is a blast, as always! Growwwlll!

  4. Great pictures, Cris! I miss everyone already and can't wait for next year. :D

  5. Wow, that's a great pic of me! How did that happen?!?

  6. Awesome pictures Cris. I don't think anyone got pictures of our lap dance. :) I'm picking them all as my favorites. LA TI DAH!

  7. I looked like I was sucking lemons in the photo with Ryan! Snort!

  8. I miss everyone, too. Thanks for stopping by and ogling. Look forward to seeing you all again next year!

    Fran, what I captured was your look of surprise after Ryan whispered something naughty in your ear ;-)

  9. Great pics and great to see everyone again! :)

  10. I enjoyed seeing your pictures, Chris. It looks like everyone had a great time.


  11. Thanks for sharing all of these pictures, Cris. It was a wonderful time. I can't wait until next year. :D