Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Congratulations and Merry Christmas to Tracy Manderson, who won the grand prize in our Twelve Books of Christmas blog hop. Along with the box of munchies from Swiss Colony offered by contest instigator Tory Richards, Tracy gets a book from each of the twelve authors who participated.

My book prize was PUNISHMENT AND MERCY. In case you haven't read it yet, here's the blurb:

by Cris Anson
Widowed Mercy Walcott is too wanton for the repressive Massachusetts Bay Colony of 1694, so when she gets flogged in the village square for sexual congress outside matrimony, her father forces her to marry the blacksmith, Seth Burroughs. Strong, virile, dominant and insatiable, Seth tames her. Up to a point.

The young acolyte, Adam Putnam, falls hard for the delectable beauty he’s forced to subdue while the Reverend doles out her punishment. Watching her bare ass getting redder and her delectable thighs wetter, he experiences his first orgasm under his churchly robes—in full view of the citizenry.

Mercy remembers the feel of him as she squirmed away from the whip and against his sinewy body. She inveigles Seth to indenture him as an apprentice. Adam is torn between his carnal desire for the woman he’s coming to love and his innate scruples. How can he withstand temptation when Seth encourages his wife to make love to Adam? And how can Adam look his friend in the eye after he does?
* ~ *

And don't forget, the sequel to PUNISHMENT AND MERCY is coming soon. Look for MERCY AND REDEMPTION from Ellora's Cave on January 9.

For all my readers, I wish you a peaceful, joyous and wonderful Christmas season. When all the gifts are unwrapped, toys played with and discarded, food eaten and drinks consumed, remember the real meaning of Christmas.

Figures and stable hand-painted by my sister. Photo by Cris Anson

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