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Beyond Kama Sutra: SEX UNLIMITED

Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Coach. She is the award winning author of thirteen books on relationships, sexuality, and self-empowerment. She conducts workshops throughout the US to help men and women fully embrace their sensuality and derive more pleasure from their lives. Her charismatic approach to helping others has made her the Sex Expert for various magazines, newspapers and radio shows.

Tell us a little about yourself and your qualifications.
Well to share a little about myself, I hold a Masters in Counseling Psychology, a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. I am a certified Sex Educator, Sex Therapist, and Clinical Sexologist. I am also a trained Hypnotherapist. I am a world renowned Clinical Sexologist and have lectured in the US, Canada and Latin America on sexual health and reform for over 13 years. I’ve also conducted two ground-breaking studies on sexuality which will be coming out in 2013. I’ve also been a professor teaching psychology and human sexuality courses at various colleges and universities throughout the US including Evergreen State College and Rutgers University. I’ve also created various workshops to help medical and mental health professions when dealing with sexually related issues. Sex Unlimited is my 13th book and is focused on dating, seduction, and erotic pleasures.

Love the title. Tell us a little about Sex Unlimited. 
Sex Unlimited provides valuable information on what to doing when you’re dating; addressing issues such as who pays for dinner, one-night-stands, should you shave or not, and more. But that’s not all, there are seduction exercises that everyone should know and, more importantly, “Sexercises” created especially for you to help get your body into sexual shape for those deliciously wicked encounters. Sex Unlimited provides candid examples on ways to improve and enhance your sexual repertoire to derive more pleasure from your love life. This is not your grandmother’s dating manual and it goes beyond any Kama Sutra book on the market. Sex Unlimited holds the ultimate secrets to make your love life so steamy hot you’ll need to have the fire department on standby. I’ve provided an excerpt of my book below. 

As a participant in your 2012 BDSM Workshop for Writers, I learned a lot about the lifestyle and have been incorporating it into my books. Are you planning more such workshops this year?
It was such a pleasure to have you at the BDSM for Writers workshop last year. I enjoyed reading your Blog on your experience and seeing how much you learned and experienced. 
Yes, I will be conducting another workshop this year for writers in New York City and even one in Des Moines, Iowa to help writers learn more about Dominance and submission and the power exchange relationships. This year, I’ve also added a day of psychological thrills on criminal minds to help authors enhance the emotional and psychological connections of their characters. Individuals can register now for 2012 prices. For those who can’t attend in person, you can always join me for online classes and/or download the MP3/Digital recordings which I’m putting together. 

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
My mission in life is to help men and women derive the ultimate happiness from their lives.  I strive to accomplish this by helping to empower them and by helping men and women overcome past misconceptions and limiting behaviors. In a way, I’m helping individuals get out of their own way and stop sabotaging themselves and their relationships so they can embrace their sensual and sexual divinity. 
 A majority of my clients are outside of NYC and so I offer confidential consultations via the phone and internet. These consultations are just as effective as if we were sitting face-to-face only there was no driving involved.  I offer individual and couples Coaching & Mentorship services to assist individuals with their relationships, improve self-esteem and self-empowerment. I also provide Coaching & Mentorship services to individuals who wish to learn more about the BDSM lifestyle and incorporate it into their lives and/or find comfort in their desires. 
For authors, I provide Coaching services to assist them with creating realistic characters and scenes whether that’s in the BDSM genre or with criminal characters; ensuring a well-rounded believable novel.  
It’s always a pleasure to talk about my work and help others embrace their full potential whether that’s geared toward their writing abilities or their personal lives. To celebrate the debut of my book, I’m offering a special discount on Sex Unlimited.  Readers can purchase an eBook copy for only $4.99 through my website and/or order a paperback copy and receive a free eBook copy they can share with a friend. 
Live with passion,
Doctor Charley…
Excerpt from Sex Unlimited, all rights reserved
  Delicious Sexual Appetizers

Have you ever woken up horny needing to be ravished or perhaps wanting to ravish someone yourself?  Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have your partner grab you and quench that sexual craving you had instantly—that very second?  In bed, against the wall, on the kitchen table, in the shower, in a car, while you’re fully dressed or not—it didn’t matter as long as it happened immediately!
What is so awesome about Quickies anyway?  And more importantly, how can you reap the rewards of their erotically charged orgasms repeatedly? 
Quickies are those intensely sexual encounters that last merely a few moments, yet the memory of it teases you for hours, days, even years. 
What makes those devilishly brief pleasures so sinfully delicious? 
Contrary to popular belief not all men see Quickies as a way to get off and forget about your needs.  For many men, Quickies are a way to affirm their love and affection—a way to be close to you—and receive affirmation of your affections in return.  It’s their way of connecting with you when they don’t know what to say or do to make things better.  At times, Quickies provide them with a sense of security and yes, even helps to eliminate their fears.  If you’re in a committed relationship, how much more affirmation of his love and desire do you need?   If you’re just starting out, isn’t lust grand?  
Don’t forget, men haven’t been taught to communicate their emotions like women have.  They were taught how to express themselves physically—and even aggressively—anything else would mean they were sissies or worse.  Thus, how can we now blame men for what they’ve been taught all their lives?  Instead, let’s meet them halfway.  There’s nothing wrong and definitely nothing sinful about Quickies!  Yes, a man may be more inclined to want a Quickie than a woman, but that’s because women have been socially conditioned not to want sex itself.  Plus, men have this amazing capacity to be “in the moment” allowing them to derive the most pleasure from any given situation.  True, they’re not worried about getting pregnant or their reputations, however with a little pre-planning on your part, once you’re in a relationship, you can derive just as much pleasure as men do.
If you were to release your inhibitions and perhaps the misconception that Quickies are just for a man’s pleasure, you might find that you enjoy Quickies much more than you ever imagined.  You might even start demanding them.  Engaging in a few Quickies throughout the week will ensure you both want to make time for that long amorous encounter later that week.  You’ll discover that you want more time to enjoy all those sensual feelings together and are more willing to make the time to express your physical desire and love. 
There is nothing wrong with getting what you need or giving your partner what he or she desires even if it’s based in primal animal hunger and lust, or merely to alleviate his fears and cultivate his desires or yours.  We all need affection and affirmation.  Sometimes the swift appeasement of our sexual hunger is enough to make life worth smiling about. 
If you want those four- and twelve-hour long romantic lovemaking sessions, then you have to get with the program and let that naughty bad girl inside you come out to play and discover the thrills of passionate surrender. 
Feed your wildness! 
It is that same wildness that feeds your pleasure when you’re sharing romantic love and have those long drawn out sessions with him.  Don’t limit your sexual power.  Have fun.  Grab those Quickies wherever and whenever you can.  Quickies are not just a cheap thrill, they are a delicious sexual appetizer—the prelude to a luscious main course.

Great advice from Dr. Charley Ferrer! Get your copy of Sex Unlimited now.
--Cris Anson


  1. Great interview and excerpt. I can't wait to receive my copy of Sex Unlimited.

  2. Nice to hear there's nothing wrong with quickies btw...:)


    1. My rule: 3-Quickies equal a longie!

      Live with passion,

      Doctor Charley...

  3. Wonderful interview Doc Charley. I especially enjoyed the snippet from your latest book. Can't wait till I get my own copy.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, ladies and gent. I'm sure we'll all learn lots from Dr. Charley :-)

  5. All books are on their way and of course eBooks are available as well.

    Thanks for having me on your blog, Cris. As always, it's been a pleasure sharing with you.

    Live with passion,

    Doctor Charley...