Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How I Met My Husband

On a Friday the thirteenth at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, I was at a singles club’s monthly dance in my mini-dress and heavy eyeliner and teased hair. And I loved to dance! I was always out on the floor. During the band’s intermission, I sat at a table of ten to meet ‘n’ mingle. When the music started up again, almost everyone stood up and partnered off to the dance floor. All except me and a long-haired, bearded, hippie hunk. 
“Well,” I said, “are you going to sit here or are we going to dance?” Turns out he was quite a dancer, and he danced his way into my heart. I knew after three dates that he was The One. We married six months from the day we met, on a Saturday the thirteenth (we didn’t want to wait for the next Friday the thirteenth). His name was Fred and my friends called him Fredbeard (channeling Redbeard the Pirate—his beard did have a red tinge to it).
Alas, Happy Ever After only lasted twelve and a half years, and he died of cancer.
Nevertheless, lightning did strike me twice!
I don’t even remember meeting Ed, he was just…there. My husband had given me a single-reflex camera for our fifth Christmas together, and I joined a local camera club to make sense of its bells and whistles. Eventually I became that club’s newsletter editor and I became aware of Ed as a fellow officer and board member. When Fred and I held parties, Ed joined the fun. When we hosted a photo outing at our farm, Ed was part of the group. When my husband was dying, Ed came to visit him in the hospital.
Afterward, Ed knew how much I was grieving, so several months later, to get me out of my I-want-to-be-alone mind-set, he offered to teach me how to use the new macro lens I had in my camera bag. He helped me with yard chores, he shoveled snow, drove me around searching for photo ops. He never pushed, never made a “move”, he was just…there. He’d merely say, “I know you’re hurting.”
One evening he drove me to a nightclub an hour away where a 17-piece Big Band played Forties music a la Glenn Miller and we danced. And danced and danced. And I knew I had found another True Love.
This one lasted almost twenty-three years. Ed’s gone now, and I’ve grieved again. I miss them both, remember them both with a heart full of love, but I’m looking for more lightning. Because people die, but romance lives on.
Is it any wonder that I should WRITE romance? And that I put bits and pieces of each of my husbands into my fictional heroes?

* * * * *
The above excerpt was taken from a free book entitled “How I Met My Husband.” In it, 25 authors tell how they met their One and Only and each offers an excerpt from one of her books. Oh, did I mention it’s free? Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to reminisce about love. How did you meet your sweetheart?


  1. What a great story! I'm sorry that you have lost two big loves. Hopefully #3 is waiting in the wings. I met my husband at a field trip. He was the father of one of my students. We didn't start dating until that summer and his son wasn't in my class. I'll never forget that first birthday that he was in my life. He got me a teddy bear that was to "keep me safe at night" because of issues I was having. I still have that bear and the man is even stronger in my heart.

  2. Loved the way you met, Melissa! And loved that you still have your HEA. Thanks for posting.

  3. I met my husband through an online dating service. It was the second time I'd tried it, but this time I was brutally honest about who/what I was--as in single mom of 4 living, unemployed and living with parents while trying to write. Hubby was the only poor sap to answer. Two days later, we met in real life and I knew the moment I laid eyes on him and he mentioned his "sexercise induced asthma" that he was it. Third time was definitely the charm for me. He kept saying we'd go slow, but in two weeks he'd already said I love you and we'd moved in together. Two months after that, we got married in a funeral home of all places--after he "asked" by slipping a ring on my finger when I wasn't looking while we were in the book/movie/music store where we met that first time. Later this year marks 10 years since all that happened, and we haven't stopped yet. :)

  4. Love it, love it! Thanks for sharing your love story, Heather.

  5. Wonderful true story, Cris. You've been fortunate to find two great men in your life, and have those memories to make you smile.
    I met my husband and married after 5 months. Had that "he's the one" moment early. You know when it's "meant to be", so why wait?