Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Folks who have been reading my blogs know that I’m exploring BDSM for both research and how it might apply to my personal life. So it may not be surprising that I’ve written stories with that theme long before now. In a February blog I wrote about DISCOVERY, a Valentine’s Day story released back in 2007. I’d like to give you a taste of MISCHIEF NIGHT, another Quickie™ I’ve published with Ellora’s Cave that has a BDSM flavor. These stories came right out of my imagination, but obviously something was brewing in my subconscious.

MISCHIEF NIGHT was a Halloween story released in November 2007. Here’s the blurb:

Annabelle lusts after her boss, the quintessential tall, dark and dreamy, but after six months, Mr. Smith still calls her Miss Fortier. A Halloween party changes that. Seeing her very formal boss striding toward her wearing nothing but war paint and a skimpy loincloth which leaves nothing to her imagination, on a body that is her personal wet dream, Annabelle can’t say no when he backs her into a secluded corner and reveals the savage lurking under that sinful smile. Until she hears the real Mr. Smith’s irate voice asking, “Miss Fortier, what are you doing?!”

Blindfolded, telling the two men apart takes some ingenuity, but it’s the beginning of a night of erotic mischief. When Halloween is over, what will happen at work the next day?

And an excerpt…

Pivoting on one stiletto, she managed to grope her way down the hallway, through a couple of twists and turns in the pitch-blackness until she stumbled onto a small sign, lit by a night-light, that proclaimed, “This way out.”

Relieved, but with a touch of regret, Annabelle grasped the doorknob and walked into a dimly lit room that looked like a solarium. Glass walls, glass ceiling, large plants and ferns and tropical trees in huge pots, wicker furniture with plump, brightly colored cushions. Men and women in all kinds of costumes standing in small groups and holding glasses. A bar, a bartender.

Just what the doctor ordered.

She sauntered—she hoped that’s what it looked like—to the bar and ordered a gin and tonic, tall glass. Some of the men looked at her with avid interest, some of the women nodded or smiled, but no one acted as though she had a scarlet letter pasted on her chest.

Annabelle felt as though she’d passed some kind of test. She took several gulps of the refreshing drink.

And saw Mr. Smith approaching her.

But holy Hannah, not in her wildest imaginings did she visualize the pagan god striding towards her. His black hair, untamed and curling down to his neck—he must use a gel to keep it in place during work hours, she thought—was somewhat held down by a beaded Indian headband. His face and muscular, hairless torso were decorated with streaks of white, ochre and several other shades of a powdery substance. As to a costume, the only thing covering him was a tan leather loincloth held up by another beaded band riding low on his slim hips. She could see the unbroken line of his golden olive skin from chest to hip to thigh to moccasins on his long feet. She gulped. No tan line.

He was magnificent.

And he was standing in front of her, devouring her with his eyes.

“Mr. Smith,” she whispered, the awe in her voice evident.

“You are a goddess,” he responded, and bent his head down to brush a kiss on her unresisting mouth.

She opened her mouth, her mind, and her body language to him. Accepting her unspoken invitation, he deepened the kiss, delving delicately with his tongue. She felt the glass being removed from her hand then he pulled her to him, breast to chest, hip to hip, thigh to thigh, and wrapped strong arms tightly around her. He smelled like fine cognac mixed with leather and earth and man. It intoxicated her more than any liquor she could imbibe.

A tiny part of her mind wondered briefly if her costume was dry-cleanable, as the war paint on his chest was probably transferring itself to her dress—after all, she was rubbing against him like a cat. Then feeling the impressive bulge of his cock under the leather loincloth, she forgot all about the complexities of clothing. She did that to him! To the untouchable, unemotional Mr. Lowell Smith.

She felt herself being waltzed backward. Blinking her eyes open for an instant, she realized he was steering her behind a thick patch of bamboo, in effect screening them from other guests. She closed her eyes and just let herself feel.

Feel the strength of his embrace, the rigidity of his cock, the thrust of his tongue now more urgent, her back against the wall and her legs being hoisted up and around his hips, skin to skin…

His hand fumbling between their bodies, fingers burrowing under the elastic of her skimpy silk panties, reaching for her clit, stroking it, dry-humping her while she writhed and angled herself closer and yet closer to him so she could—

And she did. A fierce climax overwhelmed her, shooting shards of lightning into every cell, every gene in her body, his talented mouth capturing her moans, two fingers inside her pussy, thumb rasping against her clit. And a voice trying to distinguish itself from all the thunder and fireworks exploding inside her head, a voice coming from one side of her, another pair of hands grasping her shoulders and shaking her—

“Miss Fortier! Annabelle! What are you doing!” 

~~~ * ~~~

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Oh, and MISCHIEF NIGHT is also part of the anthology TANTALIZING TREATS. This and all my other books are available at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other digital publishers.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A fifty-minute workshop only scratched the surface of this subject that’s now on mainstream America’s radar, but noted Sexologist Dr. Charley Ferrer and award-winning Ellora’s Cave author Joey W. Hill gave it a shot at the recent Liberty States Fiction Writers conference. Here’s a Cliff Notes look at their talk, “BDSM Romance—The Reality That Makes It Work”.

Joey W. Hill and Dr. Charley Ferrer at Liberty States Fiction Writers workshop

By now everyone has an inkling of what BDSM stands for:
Domination/submission (D/s)

BDSM happens often in our everyday lives:
  • Hickies, playful spanking or teasing
  • Engagement/wedding rings, ceremonies, rituals
  • Power exchanges between husband and wife, boss and employee, parents and children
  • Fighting with your partner then having make-up sex

Two fundamental principles which show mutual respect and affection must be adhered to in any BDSM relationship:
  • SSC (safe, sane and consensual)
  • RACK (risk aware consensual kink)

There are three personality roles in BDSM:

Dominant. This person is, of course, in charge. S/he sets the rules, safeguards and protocols; trains, corrects and punishes the partner; and most importantly, is entrusted with the emotional and physical safety of the submissive. Most males prefer the term Master. A female Dominant is known as a Domme but may refer to herself as Lady, Goddess, or the like. (Dr. Charley thinks the title “Mistress” has a negative connotation).

Submissive. This person desires to serve and be vulnerable, either sexually or in service.
  • A “sexual submissive” can be highly alpha in other aspects but chooses to submit sexually.
  • A “service submissive” wishes to be “self-less” and desires only to make their Dominant’s life easier. 
  • A “slave” is a submissive who relinquishes all choice to his/her Master, including the right to have a “safe word” to stop any activity.

Switch. Many people enjoy both aspects of the power exchange. Some in the lifestyle look down on them because they believe these individuals are only “playing” and not serious about their lifestyle choices.

One of the most interesting topics was debunking myths.

It’s all about whips and chains and hurting or being hurt. Wrong. In domestic violence, abusers do as they wish with no regard to the recipient. In Dominance/submission, when the sub calls out his/her safe word, the play (flogs, whips, restraints, sensory deprivation, and the like) stops. Period. This is the result of the power exchange, where limits are pre-set and adhered to.

It’s just about sex. Not necessarily. There are stages of relationships that impact whether or not sex is included:

  • BDSM relationship. It’s sort of like dating. You play with someone (okay, maybe you’re spanked instead of taking in a movie) but you don’t necessarily end up having sex.
  • D/s relationship. These folks are working out their power exchange and, even though it might be monogamous, will probably compartmentalize this relationship within the D/s context.
  • M/s relationship. This is the ultimate power dynamic: being there for your Master or your slave in an intense emotional connection that may or may not include sex.

A female Dominant is in it for the money. Yes, there are Pro-Dommes who will dominate a subject for money, but she’s not necessarily a Domme. A female Dominant has the same needs and desires as a male Dominant—to have someone cede his or her power to them under the same power exchange guidelines as anyone else.

Submissives, especially male submissives, are weak. Myth with a capital M. Some of the strongest personalities in vanilla life willingly lay down that power in the D/s world. Think of a female surgeon who must be on top of her game every second of her working life. It’s a relief to be able to relinquish the need to make decisions for a time. Or think of a knight kneeling before his queen. As Dr. Charley observed, it takes more courage to kneel before another than to stand over them.

The workshop ended all too quickly, but before the group dispersed, Dr. Charley reached into the pile of attendee names and gave away an iron submissive’s collar. The winner was a member of Book Obsessed Chicks; you can see her with her prize on Kimberly Rocha’s blog. I thank Kimberly for allowing me to use her photo of Joey Hill and Dr. Charley on the dais.

If you’re at all interested in BDSM, be sure to check out BDSM The Naked Truth by Dr. Charley Ferrer.

And anything Joey W. Hill writes is golden, as far as I’m concerned. Rough Canvas is one of my favorites. No weak submissives here!

~~ Cris Anson

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Liberty States Fiction Writers

Writers’ conferences allow us to reconnect with old and/or Internet friends, make new ones, listen to experts talk about writing, and recharge our creative juices. To me, the Liberty States Fiction Writers’ annual conference is very special. I’m registered and rarin’ to go this Saturday, March 16, at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel on Route 1, Iselin, New Jersey. Here’s some of what’s got me so excited:

* New York Times best-selling author and multiple Bram Stoker Award winner Jonathan Maberry will be our Keynote Speaker. This man has so much energy he’s also giving two workshops: Killer Fiction with thriller authors Chris Redding and MelindaLeigh, and The Ticking Clock, Constructing a Nail Biter of a Thriller.

* Nationally known Sexologist Dr. Charley Ferrer will present a workshop entitled Criminal Minds & Serial Killers: Letting Your Villains Soar! She also teams up with Ellora’s Cave author Joey W. Hill to discuss BDSM Romance: The Reality That Makes It Work. And to be sure I get a seat, I’ve volunteered to moderate both these panels. Smart, right?

* The Editors’ Panel, which will include many of the dozen editors scheduled to attend the conference. These editors will also be listening to LSFW members pitch their works one-on-one. A number of authors sold their manuscripts as a result of connections made last year. I’m sure this year will also yield some success stories. Can’t wait to say hello in person to my terrific editor, Jillian Bell from Ellora’s Cave!

* From 4:30 to 6:00 pm look for some thirty authors, including me, to be at the Book Signing, which is open to the public free of charge. If you’re within driving distance of Woodbridge, come visit, chat with authors and get your books autographed.

Also look for Bianca D’Arc, Jon Gibbs, Virginia Kantra, Kathy Kulig, Shelley Noble, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Caridad Pineiro, Kathryn Quick, Jen Talty and many more.

Liberty States Fiction Writers has 180 members drawn from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware, as well as a number of long-distance members. More than a third are published. This is from the LSFW website:

Whether you’re trying to sell your first book or your fortieth, the road to publication is never an easy one to navigate. Let Liberty States Fiction Writers guide your way. A multi-genre organization, the Liberty States Fiction Writers is dedicated to the education and support of all fiction writers. We provide workshops, networking events and promotional opportunities to aid both published and yet-to-be published writers.

If you’re interested in reading and writing, come join us at the Book Fair and at our monthly meetings.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Back in the day (1999), I was the first in my 300-member writers’ organization to buy a Rocket eBook, a very early generation of e-book reader. How far we’ve come since then! Not only dedicated readers such as Kindles and Nooks and Kobos, but our phones and computers and iPads and other digital devices carry books, books and more books in one handy gadget.

The proliferation of hardware for e-book reading grew in concert with content providers. When Ellora’s Cave released my first book, Dance of the Seven Veils, in January 2005, they were the ground-breaking publisher who put erotic romance (or, as EC calls it, Romantica™) on the reader’s radar, and did it all electronically, with paper books coming months after digital release. Now everybody has or wants an electronic device and every New York publisher offers digital versions of their books.

How far we’ve come indeed.

This is just a roundabout way to invite you to browse the official Read an E-Book Week website. Quoting this from their home page as to its history:

Read an E-Book Week was first registered with Chase's Calendar of Events in 2004. Chase's is a day by day directory of special days, weeks and months used by event planners or anyone looking for a reason to celebrate. By having the week officially recognized, e-book authors and publishers acquired a certain extra "legitimacy" during that week to promote the new technology of e-books. The public and media were initially wary of e-books and many doors were closed to promotion. With the week officially recognized by Chase's, authors reported they now had access to television morning chat shows and were allowed to set up library displays during the week-long event.

This site contains all you ever wanted to know about e-books and e-book readers with enough links on the subject to satisfy any click-happy browser.

Many thanks to the indefatigable Rita Y. Toews for her efforts in establishing and promoting e-Book Week!

And while we’re on the subject of e-Books, check out The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition, or EPIC™. Established in 1998, its mission is to be the voice of the authors, publishers, editors, artists, and others who work together to further the industry. Want to join EPIC? Here’s the page with membership information.

EPIC also sponsors an annual contest for excellence in writing and cover art. This year’s winners for best covers and best books in various genres of electronically published fiction and non-fiction will be announced at EPIC’s annual conference March 14-16 in Vancouver, Washington.

Read an e-book! Preferably a book by Cris Anson, but the important thing is to READ. 

Can you remember the first e-book you ever read? What electronic book are you reading this week?