Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Back in the day (1999), I was the first in my 300-member writers’ organization to buy a Rocket eBook, a very early generation of e-book reader. How far we’ve come since then! Not only dedicated readers such as Kindles and Nooks and Kobos, but our phones and computers and iPads and other digital devices carry books, books and more books in one handy gadget.

The proliferation of hardware for e-book reading grew in concert with content providers. When Ellora’s Cave released my first book, Dance of the Seven Veils, in January 2005, they were the ground-breaking publisher who put erotic romance (or, as EC calls it, Romantica™) on the reader’s radar, and did it all electronically, with paper books coming months after digital release. Now everybody has or wants an electronic device and every New York publisher offers digital versions of their books.

How far we’ve come indeed.

This is just a roundabout way to invite you to browse the official Read an E-Book Week website. Quoting this from their home page as to its history:

Read an E-Book Week was first registered with Chase's Calendar of Events in 2004. Chase's is a day by day directory of special days, weeks and months used by event planners or anyone looking for a reason to celebrate. By having the week officially recognized, e-book authors and publishers acquired a certain extra "legitimacy" during that week to promote the new technology of e-books. The public and media were initially wary of e-books and many doors were closed to promotion. With the week officially recognized by Chase's, authors reported they now had access to television morning chat shows and were allowed to set up library displays during the week-long event.

This site contains all you ever wanted to know about e-books and e-book readers with enough links on the subject to satisfy any click-happy browser.

Many thanks to the indefatigable Rita Y. Toews for her efforts in establishing and promoting e-Book Week!

And while we’re on the subject of e-Books, check out The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition, or EPIC™. Established in 1998, its mission is to be the voice of the authors, publishers, editors, artists, and others who work together to further the industry. Want to join EPIC? Here’s the page with membership information.

EPIC also sponsors an annual contest for excellence in writing and cover art. This year’s winners for best covers and best books in various genres of electronically published fiction and non-fiction will be announced at EPIC’s annual conference March 14-16 in Vancouver, Washington.

Read an e-book! Preferably a book by Cris Anson, but the important thing is to READ. 

Can you remember the first e-book you ever read? What electronic book are you reading this week?


  1. It is amazing to think about how far ebooks have come and I can't wait to see where they end up! They have really opened the door for so many new publishing houses and authors!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Melissa. E-books are here to stay.

  3. Can't recall the title at the moment, but it was an EC book by Mary Winters. It was a test to see if I was willing to read a book on my computer, and I read it at least three times that month, since it was a 'quickie'. It took me several years to wrap my head around the concept of an e-book (I'd self-pubbed my 1st one and wondered how do you market something you can't hold in your hand?), but thankfully I did, and now the spouse no longer gripes about 'how much is this going to cost' when I tell him another contract arrived.

    Now he only gripes about the price of gas when I go to signings.

  4. EPIC is an awesome organization. And e-books have finally taken off! That's good for readers and good for authors. Win-win!
    Heidi M. Thomas

  5. LOL Molly, some folks have a longer learning curve than others.

    And I agree, Heidi, it's good to have EPIC at our backs!