Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This is De Angelo, Ellora’s Cave’s newest Caveman. *takes moment to wipe drool off mouth* Many thanks to EC Art Director Syneca Featherstone, whose thankless job it is to discover new models for our covers and to photograph them so everyone can lust, er, dream about these hunks and buy our books.

But I digress.

Seeing all of Syneca’s photos of this gorgeous man reminds me that in a few months I’ll be meeting De Angelo at Romanticon™. I’m already planning what to wear (no, not specifically for him, but for the weekend). Hollywood glamour Friday night? Hopefully I can find a glamorous, gently used floor-length gown. Bollywood Saturday night? On the lookout for some exotic fabric to wrap around me as a sari.

I’m going to pack sensibly. Okay, the gown, at least, will probably go separately in a garment bag (hey, I’ll be in a car, so I can pack big). But for the four days of workshops, the bingo-pajama party, the impromptu photo ops, the sleepwear, well, those items you have to pack smartly.

Last year I surfed the internet looking for packing ideas. The themes for Romanticon ’12 were “Party like there’s no tomorrow” (think Rio at Carnival time) and “The aftermath” (zombies and such), so I needed every inch of space in my luggage for costumes as well as workshop clothing. I took photos of how I packed and am happy to share what I learned.

And since many romance authors and readers (alas, I’m not among them) are gearing up for the humongous Romantic Times Convention coming up May 1-5 in Kansas City, I’m posting this valuable info now. Here goes:

Rather than individually folding each garment, you will lay all your clothes flat, sleeves spread to the sides, hand-smoothing any wrinkles.

Layer them in this order:

  • Lightweight bathrobe (the candy-striped seersucker on the bottom of the pile).
  • Jacket(s) like the crushed red velvet.
  • Dress(es) like my white angel dress and red vamp dress.

  • After all the dresses, add pants, skirts and shirts. It’s hard to see black on black, but there are several tops in the pile.

  • The more scrunchable stuff, like T-shirts and/or sleepwear (the red satiny thing).
  • Panties, bras, socks, pantyhose. I’ve been known to roll a sock in each cup of the bra to keep the shaping unsquashed.

  • When all the garments are in place, separately bring each garment’s sleeves to the center, wrapping one over the other like an embrace.
  • Bring the sides of the garments to the center, smoothing and tucking as needed.

  • Flip up the bottom of the package.
  • Roll everything up snugly to the size of your carry-on.
  • My clothes tucked inside an airline-friendly 22-inch bag. The recycled Crown Royal bag holds a pair of shoes, not a bottle. (You can stuff socks or panties inside your shoes.)

The best part of this system is unrolling it at the hotel and voila! Everything is ready to hang with minimum wrinkles.

Try it yourself and let me know if it works for you. And if you haven’t yet registered for the 2013 Romanticon, here’s the link. And be on the lookout for De Angelo. On second thought, don’t bother. Leave him for me!

~~ Cris Anson

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why Set a Thriller in Western Australia?

I'm delighted to have author Tracy Cooper-Posey here to talk about her new thriller, Terror Stash. Can't wait to read it, because I loved her #1 best-selling Amazon thriller, Dead Again
~~ Cris

The smart answer is:  Why not?  There’s been stranger places that quite excellent thrillers have been set in, including runaway best sellers.  A classic that springs to mind is Running Blind, a 1970s espionage novel by English thriller writer Desmond Bagley, which was set in Iceland.  Not only did the book become a movie and a brilliant BBC TV series ten years later, but the novel itself raised tourism in Iceland for the next decade … and probably is still contributing to that country’s GDP (it’s a very small country).

I grew up in Western Australia.  Worse, I grew up in the wheatbelt area, which is farming country:  Nothing for miles but wheat silos, farms, sheep and bush.  And flies.  Writers are always encouraged to write what they know about.  When I returned to Australia for a visit in May 2011 and proposed writing a novel set in Western Australia, the reactions ranged from amusement to puzzlement.  “Why would you want to write a story about here? Nothing exciting ever happens in W.A.”

To an extent, this is true.  Perth, the capital of the state, is the most remote city in the world.  It’s bloody expensive to get to, even from inside the country.  Once you head out of the metropolitan area and get away from people (and that’s remarkably easy to do) you can feel the isolation.  You can’t replicate that sensation anywhere else in the world.

I kept thinking about this, about the sense of isolation, the beautiful coastline, the beaches I miss so much, and the unique qualities that make Western Australia so remarkable…and just like that a story – a thriller – fell into place.  It’s a story that could only be set in Western Australia…that could only be set in Margaret River, in fact.  The geographical anomalies of the area are what made the story possible.

But I would be spoiling the story to explain further. 

 A stash of terrorists in a tiny town? No one believes her.

American diplomat Montana Dela Vega, posted to laid-back Western Australia, discovers a band of known terrorists hiding deep in the bush. Laughed at by superiors, she must find courage and her own resources to expose the ruthless zealots.

The only people who believe her wild story are Caden Rawn, the mysterious and physically intimidating man with a terrifying reputation, and a bloody history that dogs his every step; and Steve Scarborough, a local police officer with an instinct for the truth and a secret of his own.

Caden and Montana’s private investigation entwines them in tragedy and fear, and teaches them the meaning of friendship...and love.  They must face the cost of truth and the courage of their convictions, for Montana’s terrorists are very real and very deadly indeed—and they want Montana for themselves....

Available in print and ebook at retailers everywhere.

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Tracy Cooper-Posey is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author.  She writes erotic vampire romances, hot romantic suspense, paranormal and urban fantasy romances.  She has published over 50 novels since 1999, been nominated for five CAPAs including Favourite Author, and won the Emma Darcy Award. 

She turned to indie publishing in 2011. Her indie titles have been nominated four times for Book Of The Year.   She has been a national magazine editor and for a decade she taught romance writing at MacEwan University. 

She is addicted to Irish Breakfast tea and chocolate, sometimes taken together.  In her spare time she enjoys sewing, history, Sherlock Holmes, science fiction and ignoring her treadmill. An Australian, she lives in Edmonton, Canada with her husband, a former professional wrestler, where she moved in 1996 after meeting him on-line. 

Catch up with Tracy at her websiteAmazonAll Romance eBooksSmashwordsKoboFacebookTwitter.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Wow! Take a look at the Ellora’s Cave website this month for a very special offer from Adam & Eve, America’s most trusted source for adult products. You can get 50 percent off one item during the month of April PLUS a free gift of a waterproof vibe and an arousal gel PLUS free shipping. How can you beat that?  

(I don't know how to put a live link on a graphic, so click HERE instead of on the above photo.)

graphic from Adam&Eve website
Vibrators, men’s and women’s sex toys, lingerie, adult DVDs, lubes and more, are all available in one discreet location. Guaranteed, you’ll want more than just one item from Adam & Eve’s huge online store.

And while you’re at the Ellora’s Cave site, why not browse among all the terrific books for sale? I could name dozens of my favorite EC authors but if I start listing them, I might just as well point you to the alphabetic Author Page LOL. The only one I can really mention here is — ta-DAH—Cris Anson. Well, duh, of course.

Scroll down the EC home page to the Romantica™ link or click here. You’ll see over 3,000 Ebooks and 900-plus of those books in paperback. There are 15 “Lines” such as Moderne (contemporary), Legend (historical), Shivers (erotic horror), Twilight (paranormal) and Sophisticate (older woman, younger man). They are also categorized by 21 “Themes” like BDSM, Comedy, Christmas, Interracial, Steampunk, and so forth. You can also sort them by book length. This makes it easy to find just the kind of book you want at any particular time.

If you’re in the mood for a little more romance and a little less sex, don’t miss the Blush imprint with more than 700 books available, including my two mainstream novels, FIRST TO DIE (featuring the “good” twin) and SECOND BEST (the “bad” twin). Don't let me mislead you, though, these books still have hot love scenes.

If you want lots of hot graphic sex but not necessarily a Happy Ever After, check out the Exotica imprint, with over 200 offerings. Or EC for Men, the newest imprint with emphasis on the man’s point of view: less emotional attachment and more sexual adventure. They’re shorter, too.

And just for fun, take a look at their Boutique. Need a flash drive? How about an Ellora’s Cave sex drive?

Do your Significant Other (or yourself) a favor and check out Adam & Eve for some of the most sophisticated toys you’ll ever want to get your hands on and save money to boot. Be sure to take advantage of this one-month-only offer.

And if you want to tell me your favorite sex toy in the comments section of this blog, I’d love to hear about it!

~~ Cris Anson