Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Now that I have a signed contract in my possession, I can announce that NO PATIENCE will be released by Ellora’s Cave on September 13. Yes, lucky Friday the 13th. In the 13th year of the millennium.

AND, this will be my 13th erotic romance release. How cool is that?

Thirteen is definitely a lucky number for me – I met my first husband on Friday the 13th and we got married on Saturday the 13th (the next Friday the 13th would have been too long for us to wait LOL).

Because of this fortuitous confluence of thirteens in my life, I Googled “Friday the 13th”. Besides the film franchise, I came up with a fascinating discussion of the phobia (technically known by an 11-syllable word I won’t foist on you) from the Urban Legends site. Here are some tidbits:

* The Chinese regarded the number as lucky, as did the Egyptians in the time of the pharaohs.

* Thirteen had been revered by ancient goddess-worshiping cultures due to the 13 lunar/menstrual cycles per year. Experts note that the "Earth Mother of Laussel"— a 27,000-year-old carving found near the Lascaux caves in France often cited as an icon of matriarchal spirituality — depicts a female figure holding a crescent-shaped horn bearing 13 notches. With the rise of male-dominated civilizations the emphasis gradually shifted to the “perfect” number of 12 (12 months of the year, 12 apostles at the Last Supper, 12 gods invited to the banquet at Valhalla, and so on).

* Dan Brown’s novel The DaVinci Code notwithstanding, no written references have documented the fear of Friday the 13th prior to the late 19th century.

But let’s get back to my personal Friday the 13th. You may have read my recent blog “Lemons Into Lemonade: Blind Date Sparks A Story”. NO PATIENCE is that story. Here’s how it begins:

Ready to break out of widowhood and get some first-hand experience about BDSM, curvy Roseanne waits nervously for her in-person meet with a man who contacted her at an online fetish site. Emails and phone calls have led her to arrange this lunch with Greg, a self-professed erotic Dom not a sadistic one. She’s still too shy to reveal her sexual fantasies but he gets her to…(insert teasing music here)…

I haven’t gotten my revisions letter yet, but I’m so excited about this book that I want to share an unedited snippet from this first meeting:

* * * *

“This isn’t a fantasy. It’s going to be a reality in the next hour. I want you to go to the restroom and take off your thong. You are wearing the one you had on in that picture as I asked, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” It comes out a whisper.

“When you come back you’ll give it to me so I can bring it up to my nose and imprint your scent on my brain. And then we’ll go to the nearest mall where there’s a Victoria’s Secret, or even a Macy’s. Anywhere that has sexy lingerie. And I’ll buy you another thong to replace the one I’m going to keep.”

I can feel my nether lips swelling but I don’t say a word. I can’t.

“And maybe we’ll find a toy store for adults. I want to see you in a red corset that pushes up those beautiful tits and exposes that magnificent ass of yours. Would you like to do that?”

It takes two tries to bring up enough saliva to speak again. “I-I thought this lunch, here in a vanilla setting, was for getting to know each other. Like, what kind of banking do you do? A local community bank? Financial giant? Or, I don’t know, movies? What kind of music do you like?”

His low laugh makes my toes curl. “Roseanne, we met on a sex site. Ergo, we talk about the kinds of sex we like. You want to know about me? I have a hairy chest but I shave my balls and pubes. I’m like a bunch of M & M’s, I melt in your mouth, not in your hands. I’m not sadistic, I’m more of a romantic Dom. But make no mistake, I want to see more of you. And I mean that in every sense of the word 'more'.”

* * * *

Because it’s an erotic romance with an emphasis on BDSM, Roseanne gets all the first-hand experience she could wish for in the story. I’ll be giving you more information (more teasing) as Friday the 13th approaches, but I couldn’t resist talking about the phenomenon. Meanwhile, please do check out all my other books at Ellora’s Cave!

What’s your Friday the 13th story?


  1. Paraskevedekatriaphobia...I've taught it to high schoolers for years as a substitute teacher. Triskadekephobia is fear of just the number 13.

    In 2012 there were 3 months with Friday the 13ths in them, separated each time by 13 weeks. (cue the Twilight Zone music!)

    My 13th book was just published and I've been told it is my best to date.

    It's just a number, a little bit more interesting than the other teen primes like 11, 17 and 19. But buildings with no 13th floor? Weird. And we call ourselves civilized? Grin.

    1. Thank you for spelling out those words, Fiona LOL. I too thought of the Twilight Zone music when I read about 2012's crowd of 13s.

  2. Like that little teaser! And congrats on your new contract!

    And guess what, the number 13 is my favorite number! But don't ask me why, it just always has been.


    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Tory. Yay 13.

  3. Great excerpt! I don't understand why certain numbers are feared. Who thinks up these things! I'm glad that I'm not fearful of the number 13 or Friday the 13th.

    All the best on your newest book!


    1. I agree, Melissa. Nothing to fear about 13.

  4. That's a very cool Friday the 13th! Way to go!

  5. I'm sure it will be a lucky 13 for you. I'll be first in line to buy No Patience when it comes out! Congrats!! Cool release day.