Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Sitting on my back porch or meandering through my burgeoning garden in April and May generates spring fever in me, because I love flowers. I love the perennials that bloom in spring and yes, Spring Beauty is the name of a five-petaled wildflower that looks like peppermint candy. But there are other spring beauties close to my heart. I want to share some of them with you, but please, do not reproduce these copyrighted images without my express written permission.
Tulip bed copyright Cris Anson

Iris, oriental and California poppies, peonies and clematis are perennials that charm year after year. Bulbs such as crocus, tulips and daffodils are earlier but no less cheerful splashes of color that return every March and April.
Closeup of tulip stamen copyright Cris Anson
And yes, I admit that spring fever also nudges my attention away from my writing. (Not really, if you consider the phallic image of the interior of a tulip. I'm always thinking of *ahem* love scenes.) But honestly, I’m doing research in between getting dirt under my fingernails and using up my camera’s pixels. I’ve experienced my first flogging and after I process all the sensations and emotions that came with it, look for a blog on that subject.
Virginia Bluebell copyright Cris Anson

Meanwhile, this week I just wanted to share photos of some of my garden’s beauty. And the unseen beauty of perennials is, of course, that once they’re planted, they come back year after year.

Creamy iris duo copyright Cris Anson
Pink peonies with white frills copyright Cris Anson

Tiger lily closeup with green bug copyright Cris Anson

 Not a bad harvest for a skinny suburban lot, hey? What’s in your garden? Do you have a favorite flower?

~~ Cris Anson


  1. Beautiful're going to leave us hanging after making that statement about the flogging????? ;)

    1. Hey Amber, it's just a sneaky way of seeing if people read all the way through LOL. Yes, of course I'll be writing more about my flogging experience. After all, we erotic romance authors need to do our research :-)

  2. So pretty. My hubby has my the green thumb. I love what he does with the yard. It is my favorite place to rest and refresh!

    1. I'm with you and your hubby, Melissa. I love to just sit in the back yard and LOOK (but I also read there too!)