Friday, July 26, 2013

You Can Pre-Order NO PATIENCE Now

So excited to announce that my novella, NO PATIENCE, is available for pre-order at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon and Barnes& Noble. I hope you’ll mark your calendars for Friday, September 13, and be one of the first to download this story.

Here’s the blurb. Caution: it’s hot!

My name is Roseanne and I’m an exhibitionist.

Of course I was nervous at first. Who wouldn’t be when you’re meeting a stranger for the express purpose of sex?

I’m a full-figured widow and became interested in exploring BDSM by reading erotic romance novels. Almost put off by his screen name, Mr. No Patience, I answered Greg’s message because his profile on the fetish site intrigued me. I took it slow with him—first with a bunch of increasingly intimate emails followed by a few phone calls which, yes, evolved into phone sex when he made me orgasm to his whispered instructions and my own fingers.

But when we actually met—and clicked—at the restaurant, he began ordering me around, starting with the demand to remove my thong and give it to him. And oh my, I blush to tell you the kinds of things I did under his tutelage. Not only in front of others, but also allowing them to join us.

And now I’m impatient for more.
Phew! Did that whet your appetite? I had so much fun writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it as well. Don't forget to pre-order now!
 ~~ Cris Anson 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


If you’re a writer interested in broadening your perspective on BDSM, this may be your last chance to sign up for the BDSM for Writers 3-Day Intensive Workshop to be held in New York City from 9am Friday August 23 through 6pm Sunday August 25. The course is taught by Dr. Charley Ferrer, world renowned Clinical Sexologist & BDSM Expert.

Here’s a blurb from the website: 

Whether you've been writing D/s stories for years, or just picking up the whip, once you've completed this workshop, you will have a greater understanding of the emotional and psychological connections individuals make when engaging in this highly erotic and often misunderstood lifestyle.

This is an exclusive one-of-a-kind BDSM workshop specifically geared toward writers’ needs and to help you create believable characters. We’ll also have time to discuss your story ideas and how to make them work. The focus is on D/s relationships and activities, not on the dynamics of writing in general. Plus we will have a day devoted to victims & villains, address the psychology and reality of sadism, PTSD, and other criminal activities. There will also be hands-on demonstrations of various BDSM activities. Invest in your writing career today. Register now for only $225. 

Researching what a collar feels like, 2012 BDSM Workshop
Demonstrations on Electrical and Knife Play will be conducted by various local lifestyle practitioners. Several outings are planned to local leather/kink shops and BDSM related clubs. Special guest speakers include:

* Laura Antoniou, the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels. This series describes "an elite and secretive world organization, dedicated to the auctioning and overseeing of the world's finest lifestyle slaves... a world so vivid in sequel after sequel, it takes on a reality of its own, one that's visually hard to let go of once the reader has put down the book." (Libido Magazine). 

* D.L. King, the editor of anthologies such as Carnal Machines, Under Her Thumb and The Harder She Comes, winner of the Lambda Literary Award and the Independent Publisher’s Book Award gold medal. Her stories can be found in Best Bondage Erotica, Leather Ever After, and Luscious, among others.

Dr. Charley cuffing another participant, 2012 BDSM Workshop
Only a few slots remain for this year’s BDSM for Writers Intensive Workshop, so be sure to register soon. Or you can contact:

For me, last year’s workshop was so eye-opening that I’ve signed up again for this year’s weekend. Over the past year I’ve injected more authenticity not only in my settings, but in my characters’ motivations and actions. I’ve made many new friends I can call on to ask questions and have been invited to participate in more research opportunities up close and personal.

My novella being released on September 13, NO PATIENCE, came about as a direct result of having met Doctor Charley and members of the BDSM community. My WIP (work in progress) follows two main characters who are exploring where they fit in the vast BDSM spectrum. Your writing can take on that same authentic flavor. Sign up now!

~~ Cris Anson

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Back in the dark ages, when it was acceptable for parents to discipline their children with corporal punishment, I remember—I was maybe six? seven?—watching my older sister being whacked with a cat-o-nine-tails for some dire infraction. Believe me, it made my brother and me behave. I was never on the receiving end of my dad’s arm, but I did get coal and potatoes two Christmases in a row.

Fast forward to last August, at Dr. Charley Ferrer’s BDSMfor Writers Weekend, when I was introduced to, among other things, the subject of flogging. I wondered, why would folks want to be punished like that? But I learned from more than a few happy recipients that a good flogging was not unlike a vigorous massage.

So I jumped at the chance to attend Wise Protector’s recent “The Art of Flogging” workshop and my mind was once again expanded.

One of the first things Wise did was to slap himself, repeatedly, in the face with one of his own floggers to show that it doesn’t hurt—unless, of course, you and your partner agree that you want it to. They make a lot of noise on impact and can be wielded with dazzling artistry, but pain? It’s not your grandfather’s instrument of punishment.

Matching thuddy floggers - photo courtesy of Wise Protector

Wise’s array of a dozen floggers included many variations, from broad tails to narrow, from soft materials to sturdy—rabbit fur to elk hide to construction chalk-line. He demonstrated on a sweet and willing subject. Thank you, SB, for standing around in your cute “spank me” panties while Wise utilized various techniques on your back and butt. He illustrated that the broader the tails, the “thuddier” the sound. Conversely, narrow tails produce more sting.

Tennis is a good metaphor for flogging, and Wise displayed that kinship in his forehand, backhand, overhead and underhand strokes, and even explored finding the “sweet spot”. When starting out, it’s more important to get your strokes smooth rather than accurate. Later you can practice on a stationary object such as a doorway, pillow or chair back. He stressed, “Be sure you know what you’re doing before you attempt to flog a person.”

Before actual play, the Top should negotiate with his/her play partner. You want to discover what they want out of the activity, how much experience they’ve had, if there are any physical limitations, agreeing on safe words. Wise stressed that it’s imperative to call “red” or other safe word (plain English works fine for him) if something is going wrong. Play will stop, either totally or simply to change some aspect of it. Both Top and Bottom should respect that safety aspect—after all, the mantra of BDSM participants is “Safe, Sane and Consensual”.

Well-worn rabbit-fur flogger - photo courtesy of Wise Protector

Wise suggests you warm up the subject first with soft strokes and soft tails. Getting into a rhythm is good; appropriate music helps with this. In addition to rhythmic strokes, there should be a rhythm to the entire play: rhythmic flogging for up to 10 minutes or longer, then increase the intensity for one or two more. The point is to raise the subject’s endorphin (or “feel-good”) levels. Then stop a moment, come in close to stroke the warmed-up area with your palm, whisper some words of encouragement or excitement, then continue flogging at a higher level.

Three or four more intervals of higher impact and heavier endorphins should lead to a most pleasant result: either subspace or orgasm, whichever was your aim during the negotiating. And Wise has diffidently admitted to achieving both results with different subjects. (Disclaimer: the endorphin angle is mine; Wise feels psychology has as much effect on the partners as chemistry.)

When he finished his discussion, Wise opened the floor to those who wished some hands-on experience. Why was I the only one out of 15 observers who grabbed this opportunity? With his prompting and coaching, I practiced throwing (I learned that’s the correct term, not “swinging” or “wielding”) the flogger with various strokes until my wrists felt more or less comfortable with what I was demanding of them. I experimented with each hand since I’m ambidextrous. Then a couple of intrepid males bared their backs for me (thank you, BP and JE!). One was a submissive and the other a beginner still learning where he was on the flogging continuum. I spent maybe 10 or 15 minutes in deep concentration that I not hurt them while providing a modicum of pleasure.

Their feedback? Mostly good. My opinion? I’d like to learn more—on both sides of the swing. (And yes, I’ve been the happy recipient of a recent flogging, but that’s the subject of another blog.)

As a final touch, Wise flogged the hostess to demonstrate his masterful Florentine technique (using two floggers in a double-Dutch configuration). That’s where the “art” comes in. The man was poetry in motion and watching their faces, I could see both participants going into that spacey world where endorphins ruled. I want to be next!

Wise recommended DeTails Toys as a place to learn the various materials and styles of floggers as well as to purchase good product at reasonable prices. (A good flogger can run up to $200.) He also suggested FriskyBusiness for a very educational guide to floggers. This site also discusses timing and endorphin theories in more detail.

Wise Protector is the same expert flogger who gave M her “getting to know you” flogging that she blogged about here. After having seen him in both speaking and flogging mode, I'm not surprised that Wise is in demand as a presenter of workshops and demonstrations in the greater Delaware Valley area. He will be giving his popular "Flogging 101" class again on July 14 at Philadelphia's Sexploratorium. For more information on scheduling a workshop, contact him at or via his website

Happy flogging,
~~ Cris Anson