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If you’ve been coming to my blog to learn more about BDSM, please don’t be annoyed that I’m pimping my September 13 release, NO PATIENCE, today. After all, it IS about BDSM. About how one woman discovers her sexual true nature and her delight in submitting to the right Dominant.

This story practically fell out of my brain. It’s the first time that’s happened. Usually I struggle with writer’s block big-time. There’s always something I simply MUST do instead of writing. My brother just left after spending three weeks with me, a number of personal things happened that have nothing to do with writing or blogging, and the sequel to MERCY AND REDEMPTION is stalled at forty-some thousand words; I know the ending, I’m just not sure how to get there. Oh, and the garden needs weeding…

But. Back to NO PATIENCE. This novella is part of Ellora’s Cave’s Curve Appeal series, which features plus-size heroines. My heroine, Roseanne, is a Big Beautiful Woman and it’s a good thing, because in one scene Greg says,

“You’re just the right size for me. All soft like a bunch of pillows. And you taste and smell wonderful.”


And later, when they’re in the hotel room:

“Poor darling. Come, straighten up slowly and stay on your knees. I don’t want you to get dizzy again.”

I do and utter a long, relieved sigh.


“Am I not allowed to sigh?”

“Darlin’, that smack was because I wanted to see your flesh jiggle. When you were bent down before, your delightful pulchritude was stretched over your bones and it wasn’t as much fun as it is now.”

He plops his ass on the floor behind me, stretches his legs out alongside my knees and proceeds to lightly slap and spank my ass cheeks at random. “I love the way you jiggle. I can’t stand those skinny bitches who traipse around fitness centers looking like popsicles. Or those Victoria’s Secret models.”

He pokes a finger into an especially plump part of my ass. “You’re so soft. I love how my finger just goes right in.”

Should I mention how he loves double entendres?

Bending forward, he kisses my ample thigh. “You know, they might have nice tits even if they aren’t God-given, but it’s the artful photography and lighting and Photoshopping that makes them so desirable. I wouldn’t want to try cuddling with any of them. Imagine lying on a bag of bones.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a man who loves you just the way you are?

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the blurb for NO PATIENCE:

My name is Roseanne and I’m an exhibitionist.

Of course I was nervous at first. Who wouldn’t be when you’re meeting a stranger for the ultimate purpose of sex?

I’m a full-figured widow and became interested in exploring BDSM via erotic romance novels. Almost put off by his screen name, Mr. No Patience, I answered Greg’s message because his profile on the fetish site intrigued me. I took it slow with him—a bunch of increasingly intimate emails followed by a few phone calls which, yes, morphed into phone sex when he made me orgasm to his whispered instructions and my own fingers.

But when we actually met—and clicked—at the restaurant, he started as he meant to go on, by ordering me to remove my thong and give it to him. And oh my, I blush to tell you the kinds of things I did under his tutelage. Not only in front of others, but allowing them to join us.

And now I’m impatient for more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I just re-read NO PATIENCE in order to find these excerpts for this blog. And I’m thinking, this book is hotter than the Sahara Desert in July. Here are buy links for Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Sony. You can pre-order now or you can buy it when it releases on Friday, September 13.

In honor of this 13th release on the 13th day in the 13th year, I’ll be offering a prize of three paperback anthologies from Ellora’s Cave, which have a combined total of 13 authors, to one resident of the United States or Canada. One of these books contains my Quickie MISCHIEF NIGHT. If your name is chosen and you live anywhere else in the world, I’ll offer a free download of any one title in my backlist. Here’s how to enter:

Go to my website and you’ll find all my books with excerpts and blurbs. Also note the “Contact” link ( because that’s how you’ll email me with the answer to this question: What is the first name of my heroine in the FOURTH book in my Dance series? For the Subject line of your email, use “13 CONTEST”.

Oh, and give me YOUR first name. I’ll send my no-longer-visiting brother the list of names and he will pick the winner. I’ll be taking entries until midnight Eastern Daylight Time next Tuesday, September 17, and will announce the winner in next Wednesday’s blog and on Facebook.

~~ Cris Anson

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  1. Congrats on your upcoming release. I do wish that someone appreciated me and my body for what it is, but I always struggle with "can I trust what he says or is he saying it to be nice?" Wish that was easy to figure out!