Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Floating World 2013 – From the Perspective of a Relative Newbie Sub

Note from Cris: My deepest thanks to Minoucurieux for sharing her experiences at a weekend-long BDSM fetish event. Readers may recognize her writing style from a prior blog I posted, Flogging, A First-Timer's Experience. Minou has obtained permission to use all the names mentioned in this article.

Note #2: The photos were NOT taken at Floating World and are NOT of the author; they were posed at photo shoots and taken by me.
With a whole 6 months under my belt in the lifestyle, I was attending my first major Fet event, The Floating World 2013. The anticipation began weeks in advance – what to expect, what to pack, nervous, excited, curious…

I was happy that there were at least a dozen people that I already knew attending. There would be a few familiar faces and a couple of “protectors” since my new Dom was unable to attend due to major responsibilities elsewhere that weekend. He gave me a list of Hard Limits for the event. I was scheduled as a demo bottom for one class and helping out at a couple of other workshops. 

Friday Morning
I finally arrived at the hotel and checked in before rushing over to the convention center to register. Security was tight and a First Aid Station was manned – so reassuring. That first day, one of my kind protectors met me at the entrance to the event and showed me where to register. That really helped ease my anxiety. The next stop was shopping! There was a large, bright vendor section with a selection of everything you can imagine BDSM- related. I bought a beautiful fetish dress that I planned to wear Saturday night. Oh, I felt so pretty in it!
Armed with my “photos-OK “wrist band (you can wear a band indicating no photos be taken of you), I ventured into a group of strangers. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. All ages, races, sexual preferences, gender identifications, and BDSM roles were represented. What an interesting group! People straggled in all afternoon.
Next, I was led to my first class, Lee Harrington’s session Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional; techniques for erotic pain processing. He is such an engaging, passionate speaker, and the most fascinating individual. It gave me a whole new perspective on pain and plenty to think about in the days ahead.

I attended a session on impact play safety called Rack ‘Em and Smack ‘Em” taught by BaraknSheba, who asked for three volunteers for demonstration. Since I was a newbie, I was only asked if they could “put a few marks on me”, and asked to undress and put my hands on the St. Andrew’s Cross. Apparently, behind my back, the rest of the participants were shown a set of colored markers. So, as the instructors began to discuss where one should or should not impact a body, they ‘marked’ red circles (off-limits areas) and green circles (appropriate for impact) all over my body, back and front, as indicators. This provided a great deal of entertainment, but also provided an excellent safety demonstration. I was anxious to get dressed again. Fortunately, a masochist volunteered to take the punches and kicks. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to remove the marker from my white shorts and lingerie. And, it took an hour and a bottle of alcohol to remove the marker from my body before I could dress that evening. It was all for a good cause and I learned a lot. The only negative was that some of the rooms were freezing cold – I was so glad that I packed a couple of light sweaters. August – sweaters – you know how conventions centers are!

The Dungeon
Let me tell you about the dungeon – it was huge, OVERWHELMING!  I have never seen so much equipment in all my life. It was spread out over a huge warehouse area with a combination of bright overhead lighting and moody lighting from colorful Chinese lanterns strung across the ceiling.

A massive metal pipe structure for sophisticated suspension dominated one side of the space. There were beautiful St. Andrew’s Crosses and spanking benches in a variety of polished wood finishes. Other benches for purposes I could not guess. Beautiful wrought iron cages (by the artistic George a.k.a. Thorvinsnw), mats, massage tables for fireplay, needleplay and waxplay, medical tables, a chain web, a beautiful wooden pergola for expansive suspensions, a viewing area for special presentations, bright spaces full of toys and stuffed animals for Littles, a pony area with coaches and wagons lined against the wall. Open spaces for whips and fire spinning. Bootblacking was available, and the results I observed were fantastic. A shadow tent with viewing area, glory holes. Plenty of chairs, sofas, futons and coffee tables, and even some rugs set up at regular intervals between the equipment for aftercare and general socializing. I am sure there was more there that I cannot even recall. It was amazing!

Friday Evening
So, after shopping, workshops and a tour of the dungeon, it was back to the hotel to take my luggage up, find some dinner and then dress for the evening. I decided to go with my corset and ruffled skirt, but I couldn’t lace it up by myself. What to do? Open the door a crack and see who is out in the hallway (our group had the entire hotel), then state my dilemma, and lo and behold, a corset expert appeared who laced me up tight.  Her husband heard my comment and brought her over. What a wonderful couple– and a new friend.  Off to the Convention Center!

I watched some of XavierDom’s Violet Wand Basics, but the seats were fully occupied, so I did not stay for the advanced portion. I was really looking forward to Kinky Karaoke because I knew Rob19462 and Barbarella4U had some great songs with new Kinky lyrics. But, I did not stay as long as I would have liked – it was like sitting in a refrigerator and my sweater was totally inadequate to shield me from the frigid temperatures. I missed the Mixer at the hotel because I did not notice it on the schedule, or I would have attended.

So, I headed to the Dungeon which was not at all crowded Friday evening. People were straggling in after work and play was at a minimum. The room felt huge and a little empty until the music started.  Di and Dee created such a splendid atmosphere for the event, as always. Hauntingly beautiful, sensual music. I made friends with the Fire Marshal, who was present and patrolling throughout the weekend. 

A new friend scruffynerf spent some time demonstrating the differences in floggers so that I could decide whether or not I like the “thumping” types or the “stingy” types. I vote for thumpy. It was very kind of him to take the time to scene. Then, I spent some time walking around to more closely explore the environment, watched some scenes (enviously), talked to a few people and then decided to head back to the hotel and catch some sleep so I could be up at a decent hour for the morning workshop sessions. 

Another note from Cris:  Next week I'll post Part II, the Saturday sessions. Please feel free to comment and thank Minou for sharing her experiences with us.

~~ Cris Anson


  1. This was a great report on this event! I would so love to attend one. Your participation all sounds very intriguing, and my very minimal interaction with members of this community was similarly very warm and collegial. I can't wait to hear about Saturday's events! Thank you for sharing this up close & personal coverage (pun intended...)

  2. Hi Lise, thanks for checking in. I agree that people in the Lifestyle are "warm and collegial".

  3. I really appreciated the blog. I got a feel for what was going on and the amount of time and thinking that went into the whole setup. I can't wait for the next report!

  4. Thanks, Melissa. Minou did a great job of reporting her experiences.