Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Floating World Part II

Note #1 from Cris: Last week I posted Part I of Minoucurieux's experiences at The Floating World, a weekend-long fetish event. Here is Part II.
Note #2: The photos were NOT taken at Floating World and are NOT of the author; they were posed at photo shoots and taken by me. 
Saturday Morning
I slept in later as I wanted to have lots of energy for the evening.  Showered and dressed before wolfing down a pint of blueberries for breakfast. I then headed to a conference room in the hotel to assist in WiseProtector’s Communications Workshops, Connections Putting Emotions into Play, and What to say after you say ‘hello’. I really enjoyed interacting with everyone in the classes and made several new friends. Unfortunately, I missed an opportunity to serve at The Goddess Tea (perhaps next year), and missed the Kinky Carnival because of workshops, but I heard that they were great events!

Then I grabbed an old friend and a new friend in the hotel lobby to experience Harold’s – the amazing Jewish Deli across the parking lot next door. Super-sized doesn’t begin to describe the portions – you have to bring two or three friends to share a single serving. Yum!  And lots of good protein to help us get through the day. 

Soft flogger
Back to the convention center for classes and workshops (always armed with a sweater). There were some really great presenters and interesting topics. I would recommend taking some basics classes in communication, safety, and perhaps some practical skills like flogging, and avoid the more advanced topics until you have some basics under your belt. You can always observe the more advanced play in the dungeon. There was a great flogging demo with an accompanying light show. Don’t hesitate to make new friends and ask lots of questions. People are always willing to share information. One more stop at the vendor fair for banjo picks which will be sharpened into Vampire Nails. Oh, they are so wonderful!

Apparently, I needed to speak with one of the official photographers to get a card that would allow access to the photo site when it was posted, but I did not know about this until a week after the event. So, if you are interested in photos, find out what is required. We were so fortunate to have top-notch photographers covering the event.

Back at the hotel, everyone tried to get dinner, but the hotel was doing a miserable job handling the crowd. Food was late, if it ever arrived, and no more hamburgers to be had.  I was glad I had packed healthy snacks. The rooms had refrigerators, coffee makers and microwaves, so you could save time and money by bringing your own fare.

Saturday Evening
Dressed in my newly purchased Fetish Dress, I headed back to the convention center. There was a lot scheduled for that evening. Eric Pride’s workshop Mind Fucks was eye-opening. The demonstrations, even with demo bottoms experienced in his methods, looked shocked. Wow! The Rope Rodeo had bottoms competing to escape from rope bondage (eels), and then a final eel-off between the two top riggers and winning eels. Lots of fun and laughter!  Then, there was another rigging competition that really demonstrated that we have some skilled riggers in the room. Lee Harrington did a wonderful job hosting the event and there were great prizes for the winners.

Finally the dungeon.  Dungeon Monitors were present in number and alert throughout the space. There was so much going on at once. The Pony Competition on one side, boot blacking and PrettyMom’s Foot Party were available. More wonderful new friendships! I watched SiRoberto create a spider web of plastic wrap to capture ScrewtheRoses for a photoshoot. Then PrettyMom and her husband/slave thorvinsnw showed up with her fire – naked fire spinning! Naked fire hugs – so warm and cozy. He is a superb creator of elegant metal cages and artistic on many other fronts. Then PrettyMom was joined by other fire spinners and you could just watch it all night. I enjoyed watching more scenes, and as it got late I sat and talked with a new friend. I asked Rob19462, who was on stage demonstrating Blow Darts, if I could try. He was reluctant, but I persuaded him. It was really kind of neat. It felt more like a thud initially, though the later ones stung a little and seemed to splash. Perhaps it was the alcohol on the darts. I was glad I worked up the nerve to try it.

Tied to a chair
My new friend and I decided to walk around and enjoy some more of the scenes, and came upon a Domme tying her two slaves to the metal framework and receiving rope instruction from a Top on the rigging. He asked if he could use me to demonstrate some rope work so that she could try to duplicate it on her slaves. Somehow, that turned into a scene with me tied to a chair. Apparently, I did not express my limits very well and he did not believe that I had a Dom because I was not wearing a collar. He pushed my limits further than I was comfortable with.

First, he tied me to a chair and then started in with a riding crop on my breasts and nipples. Then I asked him if it was a whip and told him whips were on my prohibited list. So, he stopped and started looking for something to brace the chair against, since it looked like it might tip backwards. He couldn't find anything, so he untied me and took me to a frame where he secured my wrists and legs. He asked if flogging was permitted and I said “yes”. I didn't know floggers could be so painful! He was wrapping them and the tips really hurt. Then he tied one leg up at an angle - I had told him no suspension permitted, so I guess one foot on the floor kept it technically within the limit. I Yellowed twice and then called Red.

There was some aftercare, a lot of pressure to scene again and a push to get me to take him back to my room. This was a very aggressive Top who seemed to take “No” as “Push harder for a positive response”. I was glad that I was comfortable enough to communicate my limits, safe word out when I needed to, and turn down some very pushy invitations (I have heard this persistent and manipulative behavior called a violation of “Social Consent”). 

They threw everyone out of the dungeon at 3:00 am. The security volunteers must have been very tired. It is not an easy task, but many attendees volunteered in various roles to ensure that the event was a success.

Take a class on negotiating a scene, and know your hard and soft limits by rote. Don’t be unsure of yourself – it makes you a target. At least now I know I can successfully “safe word out” – that is not as easy as it sounds, and I would recommend that you practice. It is very easy to go non-verbal when you are overwhelmed. Also, I have recently read an article that states my thoughts concisely; “‘No’ is a complete response. If you keep asking, you are disrespecting social consent”.

Note #3 from Cris: Please send some love to Minoucurieux for sharing her experience by commenting on her post.

~~ Cris Anson


  1. Oh my goodness, Cris, what an experience. You're a brave soul because I would never try it. lol

    1. Sandy, I'm brave (and planning to try it myself -- for research, of course!), but this wasn't my experience. Note at the top and bottom of both posts that I give credit to Minoucurieux for sharing her experience.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in both post, Minoucurieux. It sounds like a fun and educational weekend for you.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Nina. Thanks for commenting.

  3. What another informative post. Thank you Minousurieux for sharing your experiences. I'm glad that you learned that you could assert your limits. :)

  4. Minousurieux , very interesting and informative for this erotic author. Thank you for sharing and honestly expressing how you felt :-)

  5. Thanks for commenting, Melissa and Lexi. Minoucuriex and I are both eager to do more research *smiles*

  6. Very interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing the intimate details. Sounds like some intense research.