Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Thanks so very much, Cris, for this opportunity to guest blog.

Life has been crazy recently and I’ve spent some time catching up on my social media sites. Over on Facebook I enjoyed watching two of my favorite romance writers Susan Elizabeth Philips, and Jayne Ann Krentz at work while they shared their top 3 tips for bestselling authors. First tip from JAK is a suggestion that an author know their “core story” which really got me to thinking about my own work. I’m fortunate, because I’ve always basically known the central and foundation of my stories. I just hadn’t realized how vital it is for an author to know their “core story.” You definitely won’t find me writing lighthearted romantic comedies. Sure I’ll have occasional funny moments, but those bits just boil down to character voices, and the chance to break the tension when necessary. It doesn’t matter what genre I’m writing, or if I’m co-authoring I always write dark, edgy stories most often centered on tortured heroes.

I’m thrilled to take this moment to share with you a little about my latest tale of angst. Forbidden Savior is a multicultural, paranormal released from Loose Id. I’m so very happy to see this story come alive for readers. It’s extra special because it was written while I coped with writers block. It’s strange now to think back on that time in my life. I never thought writer’s block would get me, after all, my closest writing friend often teased me about being prolific and I’d miraculously written through my beloved father’s passing. But never-say-never, right? Anyway, I managed to persevere through an extremely difficult time in my life and Forbidden Savior came alive for my muse. 

Forbidden Savior’s short blurb:

Rhonda has the most vivid nightmares that she’s ever had and thinks she maybe going insane until one night she sees someone being tortured and he appears. The man from her dreams is real. Maybe she’s not crazy after all…

In hell, Deke has been forced to watch the lovely woman for many months. He’s ordered to go seduce her and nab her soul. But how can he take away the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in life? Only how can he not?

Rhonda and Deke must fight Rhonda’s mother, evil, and the apostles of hell to save themselves and Rhonda’s very soul. But can they subvert hell’s own dark will?

Forbidden Savior © Melissa Lopez

I really am totally insane. She growled at herself as she piled the bags in his arms. Strong, muscular arms that could hold me tight and make me feel safe…or choke the life out of me! 

She quickly shoved the books on demons into her canvas bag and swung it over her shoulder.

After she gathered up the last two grocery bags, she clicked the Trunk Close button on her still-clenched keychain. She’d been clutching her keys so tight her palm hurt. But if this tall, dark-haired, dark-skinned stranger tried anything he’d need stitches. It wasn’t so crazy, she rationalized. Her philosophy was that it was better to keep him where she could see him than to wonder where he was lurking. And it was hard to get past the fact that physically he was her perfect type.

Tall, dark, and handsome. Her womanly bits quivered deliciously. She’d always had a thing for Native American men. Since her late teens she’d daydreamed about having an Indian lover. Their arms brushed as they walked along, and instead of jerking away she stayed close. The nearness kindled warmth in her depths. Her nipples hardened delightedly. At present the notion of a lover was crazy, and she shook the sensual arousal off.

Why couldn’t he be a sixty-year-old guy? She glanced his way. What scared her more was that he didn’t feel like a stranger to her. He looked exactly like the man attacked by the monster in her room last night. But it was more than that…

She tried to calm her rising anxiety. Maybe it wasn’t him exactly. A sense of déjà vu? After all, she’d enjoyed all those old multicultural romances by Rosanne Bittner and Janelle Taylor. What everlasting heroes the authors had created in Zeke Monroe and Gray Eagle. Perhaps her imagination had created the man from her vision from last night. Or conceivably it was just a case of mistaken identity?

Rhonda studied the big man walking down the road beside her. No. It’d been him last night. She wasn’t imagining the likeness. He wasn’t a person she’d soon forget. In a dream, or whatever it was, was one thing, but never in a million years had she expected to meet a dream come true.

Melissa Lopez is the author of paranormal, and contemporary romance titles Dark Sentinel, True Blue Love, and Gamer Love, as well as the author of futuristic and historical romances co-written under Marissa Alwin, and Melany Logen. She also writes short stories under a “hush-hush” pseudonym. If you’re interested in interacting please visit her on Facebook and to explore her worlds please visit her website  


  1. Sounds like a wonderful read. I love the blurb. The cover is very sexy too. :) All the best!

  2. I want to thanks Cris for having Melissa woo love the cover and the color of it and thanks for this excerpt want to know more
    I wish you both a wonderful Week