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Breaking Out the Clips (NSFW)

Please welcome Wendi Zwaduk, an Ellora's Cave author who also loves BDSM!

I want to thank Cris for having me and my characters here today. I’m excited to talk about my latest release, Drawn Together.  Cris asked me to talk about the BDSM elements in my book. Gladly! 
Tessa, my heroine, knows what she wants in the bedroom. She likes to be watched. She moves to the music on the radio, peeling off her clothes layer by layer. There’s a special kind of high knowing someone else is watching what you’re doing.  Across the courtyard, Graig gets off on watching her dance. 
I decided to introduce Graig and Tessa to more BDSM elements because the voyeurism play worked as a good gateway. I wanted to see what else they liked to do. Tessa doesn’t come right out and say what she wants right away. She’s more meek until Graig asks her a direct question. 
Why not be honest? Tessa explains exactly what she wants—she likes handcuffs, nipple play and spanking. She wants him to spank her in order for her to relinquish control. There’s not much more relaxing than giving over control of your pleasure to your partner. Graig, a natural untrained dominant, loves her admission. It’s like a whole new dimension of their relationship has been opened up. So many more avenues for play.  He listens to her, like a good dominant should, and helps her to reach her maximum pleasure.  He introduces her to nipple clips and piercings. As much as she doesn’t think she’ll like stronger nipple play, she realizes it’s exactly what she needs—along with Graig in charge.
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I have to admit, on the BDSM scale, Tessa and Graig are on the lower end. They don’t get into the more extreme play and that’s fine. I introduced them to the joys of bondage, but harder core bondage isn’t for everyone. I could’ve left them to vanilla sex and a HEA, but they wanted more spice to the relationship. They’re naturally inquisitive and liked exploring their sexuality together. Why make them stop?
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I had a good time getting them to realize what they wanted in and out of bed. It was an interesting ride for me as well because I learned about a few of the things I like, too. Here’s a little more about Drawn Together: 

Drawn Together
Wendi Zwaduk

 Graig Case wants to teach history and coach baseball. Plain and simple. But nothing in his life has been simple. He’s also got a secret. He loves to watch the sexy woman across the courtyard dance. He’d love for his fantasy girl to be his best friend, but fantasy and reality don’t always mix.
 Tessa Martin has given up on love. She’s played second fiddle most of her life. Guys like hanging out with her. But being one of the guys doesn’t keep her warm at night. Still, she indulges in her one treat—dancing naked at night for Graig. No emotions involved means no one gets hurt.
 Except when they end up working in the same school, in the same hallway. Then all bets are off.
 Inside Scoop: This lucky hero gets to take control when his new girl encourages him to spank her.
A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


M/F, Spanking, Light BDSM

Drawn Together by Wendi Zwaduk, Ellora's Cave
Here’s an excerpt with their unique form of BDSM: 

“Come here.” Graig helped her off her stool then led her to the bedroom. He perched on the edge of the mattress. “On my lap.” His eyes glittered. He patted his thighs. “Now.”

Desire shimmered in her veins. She nibbled her bottom lip then stretched out across his legs. “Do I need to be punished?” She suppressed a giggle. This is what she wanted, what she craved. A firm hand on her ass, taking away control and freeing her.

“Over and over.” Graig lifted the edge of her shirt, exposing her bare ass. “No panties?” He smoothed his palm over her skin in fat circles. “The bad girl who lets everyone watch her dance naked deserves a nice red bottom.” He smacked her butt three times, twice on the left and once on the right. “This bad girl also needs to tell me when enough is enough.” He swatted her again, this time twice on the right and once on the left.

Her skin burned and tingled. Shudders racked her body. Her pussy vibrated and she wriggled on his lap. Each time his hand connected with her ass, she bit back a cry. The stresses she held back evaporated and her brain swam.

“More,” she panted.

“Really?” Graig stroked the swell of her rump. “Greedy.” He rewarded her with four more slaps on her tender ass.

Tessa balanced on her palms and the tips of her toes. “Feels good.” She gasped for breath and closed her eyes. The floating feeling, the gooey goodness she experienced with a good spanking curled around her. She ground her hips on his lap.

Graig’s erection prodded her belly. He spanked her four more times. She embraced the languid feeling and moaned.

“Want your mouth on me.” He slapped her ass again. “On your knees.”

“Just a moment.” Tessa rummaged through the dresser drawer for what she wanted. When she returned to him, she offered him the nipple clamps. “Use these?” She scampered into position, hands behind her back and her feet crossed beneath her. Being submissive to him, granting his wishes and giving in to his desires pleased her. She stared up at him, waiting for his next command.

“You bet I will, but this has to go.” He plucked at the neckline of her shirt. “I want to see you. All of you.”

Tessa worked her arms through the sleeves then whipped the garment up over her head. Cool air wound around her body, but nothing affected her like the heat in his gaze. Her nipples pebbled and her pussy creamed all over her inner thighs. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his shorts and tugged them off, baring his body to her.

“That’s what I want.” He pinched her nipple into a tight peak then affixed the first clip. The teeth bit into her skin and she suppressed a moan. “So fucking hot.” He treated her other nipple the same, rolling the bundle of nerves in his fingers. “Talk to me, Tessa.”

“More.” She arched her back, giving him better access to her chest. He attached the second clip. “Thank you.”

“Whatever you want, babe.” He threaded his fingers into her hair, gathering the strands into a ponytail. “Take me in.”

She opened her mouth wide and sucked him to the back of her throat in one gulp. She kept her gaze on his then surrendered to his tempo. He grasped her hair, tugging then releasing her in time with his thrusts.


And here’s a little bit about me!

I’ve always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line.  I love playing with words and letting the characters run wild.
NASCAR, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, animals and second chance romance all feature prominently in my books.  I also write under the pen name of Megan Slayer. Come join me for this fantastic journey!  
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Note from Cris: Wendi included NSFW (not safe for work) in titling this blog. I'll bet it isn't safe for classrooms, either LOL. But the excerpt sure was hot!
~~ Cris Anson