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I’m so excited that the third book in my Mercy trilogy has been edited and it is now in production. I hope to have a release date (and a cover!) soon. This is my hottest book yet. Here's the blurb for Redemption and Glory:

Bored with all the groupies who provide him with anonymous sex, famous sculptor Adam accepts the offer to lurk behind a voyeur screen at his agent’s BDSM club. Watching the magnificent Mistress Glory in action, Adam is so smitten that he can’t decide if he wants to tame her or kneel before her.

When Davinia helps her business partner at a book signing, the man of her wet dreams, a magazine’s “Most Eligible Bachelor,” comes by to help publicize the event. Instant lust turns to chagrin when he addresses her as Mistress Glory.

As the two novices to Dominance and submission explore what turns them on in this exciting new world, the journey takes explosive twists and turns. Add the sexy agent and his slave, and anything can—and does—happen.

Warning: contains male/male and female/female action, a foursome and lots of dungeon activity resulting in one scorching-hot story!

Here’s a scene from Redemption and Glory. You won’t find this on Amazon or the other online booksellers because it’s way too hot for them to handle! Grab an ice-cold drink and enjoy this excerpt.

To set the scene, Cecile and Jonathan are both Dominants and they are mentoring Davinia and Adam, respectively, in a private dungeon. Both students are experiencing submission in order to be a better Dominant.

“Well, dear, what do you think?”

It took Davinia a moment to realize that Cecile was speaking to her. The woman’s eyes sparkled, her breaths came slightly shallow and her mouth set itself into a Cheshire-cat grin.

Davinia looked down at her dishabille, at the rosy hue to her exposed skin, her steel-hard nipples poking the flimsy lace of her bra, the thong of the same fabric emphasizing the fiery red hair of her pussy, the ample curves of her hips scarcely hidden by the thong displayed to all eyes. Looked at Adam, still on his knees before her but unimaginable, forbidden inches away from her as he gazed, mouth open with moist tongue peeping out, at the juncture of her thighs, her hips cradled in his hot hands.

“I think I need to get untied.” It came out a strangled moan.

A round of laughter broke the spell and both Doms made short work of the knots. Adam stood and stepped back with, it seemed to her, great reluctance. On a sigh of relief Davinia bent down to grab the waistband of her slacks in some vestigial impulse of modesty. She did not want anyone to see the cream dribbling down her thighs.

“Not so fast.”

Jonathan. Hands clamped on her shoulders from behind, he raised her upright and she took a deep, stabilizing breath.

“Stand still. Balance on your left foot.”

Okay, she could do this. She could obey Jonathan the way a sub would obey him. Except, she thought with an unbidden smirk, not instantly.

As if reading her mind, Jonathan said, “You know, if you were my sub and you were so disobedient, you’d be severely punished.”

“Then it’s good that I’m not, isn’t it?”

A hard smack against her bare butt resounded in the quiet room. The instant pain of his palm flared into outrage then into another burst of arousal. Ignoring the new rush of cream in her pussy, she took the not-too-subtle hint and balanced on her left foot.

At Jonathan’s gesture, Adam knelt again and fumbled at her boot until he found the back zipper then gently lifted her foot and removed the boot and that pant leg. At Jonathan’s urging, she shifted her weight and soon was divested of the second boot and her trousers. As soon as her balance was restored, Jonathan slipped off her silk blouse. Davinia gulped. So much for her clothing as armor.

“What we have here,” Jonathan said, “is a Smart-Ass Masochist. Your sassy mouth is intolerable, so we’ll have to remedy that with a little constructive adjustment. Adam, to the chair.”

Apparently they’d discussed the possibility of just such a scenario, because Adam went directly to a sturdy, armless, black-leather chair whose décor didn’t match the elegance of the drawing room. Belatedly she recognized it as having come from the dungeon in the basement.

She swallowed hard. I’m in for it now.


Adam thought his cock would burst, he was so hard. His balls were tight against his body merely from watching the Mistress Glory of his wet dreams being taken down a few pegs. God. She was even sexier now than when he’d first seen her in that red corset wielding a flogger. Having her tied up and helpless and moaning with arousal was such a huge turn-on to him.

And having her standing all subservient in semi-sheer bra and thong with a group of men and women who were fully dressed—Christ, what a body that woman had. He could lose himself in her for months at a time. The lush curves, her red bush, those nipples big and hard as walnuts. His throat went dry.

But he remembered Jonathan’s stricture—tonight would be a learning experience for him as well as for Davinia and he was to follow instructions to the letter. But damn, it was hard to keep his hands off her! The two Dominants had apparently agreed on their strategy beforehand. Jon was obviously counting on Adam’s poorly disguised lust for the redhead and was bound and determined to teach him the merits of delayed gratification.

It was agonizing.

It was hell.

He looked forward to more of it. Because Davinia was at the center of it.

Settling himself into the firm seat of the chair, Adam sprawled his legs in front of him, one ankle crossed over the other in an effort to look relaxed, as though his cock weren’t already tenting his trousers like a ridgepole. Hell, they were all here for sex in one way or another and he was proud of the size of his cock, so let them see his erection. That was probably Jon’s intention anyway.

Especially Davinia. She’d zeroed in on his cock as soon as he sat. I hope your mouth is watering, woman.

I’ll announce the release date of Redemption and Glory as soon as I know it, so check back here or at my website. Meanwhile, don’t forget the first two books in this series: 

You can get them at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers.

~~ Cris Anson


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