Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Here's a pictorial of some of the events from Ellora's Cave's Romanticon 2014. It was a smaller crowd than last year, but that made it easier to meet and greet, and I made some great new friends. Please note: all these photos are Copyright 2014 by Cris Anson. Please don't reproduce them without permission.

Larger-than-life photos of our Cavemen in the grand hallway leading to the ballroom.
Registration desk with volunteer Diane, EC authors Erin Simone and Kathy Kulig, and of course, Mr. Kathy (Joe).
Juliane Keller with Caveman CJ standing at his poster, and Laura Topaz in her skull-print corset.

Caveman Taylor leading an early-morning lesson in line dancing.
Dalton Diaz practicing her lap-dancing skills, as taught by Cleveland Exotic Dance. 
Cris Anson doing likewise with Dee Brice as the unfortunate client. Dee is doing fine now, but those shiners are the result of a tumble she took even before the conference started. Her DH, Bud, hovered over her most of the weekend to be sure she didn't have a concussion. (Obviously she had one when she sat still for my shenanigan!)
Our intrepid photographer, Eric David Battershell, photographed us all weekend long. Wonder how many shots he took! I'd love to have a camera like that.
Fun at the Open Photo Shoot with our choice of Cavemen. All these guys were terrific sports. Reader Jessica was enamored of Kelii's and DeAngelo's tattoos. Who can blame her? BTW, for anyone who didn't know, DeAngelo was 2014's reigning Alpha Caveman until the Saturday Awards Banquet.
I'm trying out my Dominatrix mode here. Think I nailed it? Thanks to Caveman Cisco for allowing me to practice on him. What a terrific dancer he turned out to be! Burned up the dance floor later. But then, all the Cavemen have the dance gene.
Conference guru and EC author Tara Nina with volunteer Jennifer whoop it up with Cavemen Cisco, Axl and DeAngelo (standing), with Kimo and Taylor kneeling in front.
Sat in on many fun workshops. Especially enlightening was "Women's Path to Pleasure" by Cleveland Exotic Dance guru Ms. Roxi, starting with a clinical description of our natural sexual apparatus and taking us through various sex toys and lubes and more. Caveman Kelii sat in and marveled at how much he had learned.

Here's a photo of a laugh-filled workshop that applied Mad Libs to excerpts from paranormal romances by (left to right) Lisa Carlisle, Lisa Fox, Cait Miller and Kathy Kulig.
And, of course, party time! Some images from the dance floor. Left: Mr. Kathy. Center: Those are tattoos, not stockings! Right: Reader Tina with Caveman Cisco.
Sitting between two new friends, readers Dawnmarie and Linda. Loved schmoozing with them!
Some of the authors signing at the Book Fair.
Lynne Barron and Trinity Blacio
Kathy Kulig and Cait Miller
Axl Goode and Dalton Diaz
Last but certainly not least, our newly crowned Alpha Caveman Taylor Cole...

...and Caveman Axl Goode. These two men gave us a most spectacular display of grace, athleticism and daredevilry on silks. It was a jaw-dropping performance which rightfully garnered a standing ovation. We all hope and pray that they remain safe after they had the misfortune of sitting next to the nurse who tested positive for Ebola after they made their way back to Dallas. If you haven't done so yet, you can donate to the GoFundMe site to help keep them solvent while they wait out their 21-day quarantine without a paycheck.

~~ Cris Anson, who owns the copyright to all the above photos


  1. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Wonderful pics, Cris! Thanks for the peek into Romanticon!


  3. Great pics, Cris. Thanks for sharing. We did have a wonderful time. I'm sure the guys will be fine. It's good that they're taking precautions tho.

  4. Wonderful photos. I longed to go but *sigh* evil day job got in the way. Thanks for letting me pretend.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for checking it out. It was indeed a fun weekend.

  6. I always enjoy seeing the pictures you take during RomantiCon. You capture all the fun!

  7. LOLOL! Pretty sure that's the move that it took 2 people to help me undo!

  8. But Dalton, you looked gorgeous the entire time.

    Thanks for the nice words, Julianne. I have fun while capturing the fun.