Wednesday, December 17, 2014


That’s right, I was invited to a Clothed Female / naked male party. For research, of course. All the participants knew I’m an erotic romance author and were happy to share their expertise. And their bums.

So there I was, decked out in my short leather pleated skirt and clingy red top, shiny calf-high boots and sheer black thigh-highs, joining a group of Dommes who would eventually spank and/or paddle naked males.

Wow. Research takes strange forms. But I shouldered on.

It started out like any cocktail party, all of us clothed and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres and sipping wine while milling around the kitchen counter, revisiting old friends and making new ones. A few committed couples (i.e., either married or living together) with FemDom and male slave, one couple who often played together as Domme and sub, and myself and another unpartnered women.

Eventually a signal was given by the hostess and the resident slave shucked shirt, shoes and pants and strode around naked, picking up empty glasses and encouraging the other men to follow suit. One cute guy actually donned a sheer apron over his naked body as he rinsed wine glasses.

Oh yeah, it was hard to act sophisticated, to keep my eyes from ogling strong shoulders and round asses. Naked shoulders, naked asses. But I did it.

Spanking implements
At last we trooped to the basement, where a large, carpeted room and its two cushy sofas awaited us, along with a plethora of spanking implements. During the course of the evening I learned how to use canes, crops, tawses, ceramic paddles, straps, belts, wooden spoons and of course, the palm of the hand. Which, I have to admit, hurt me probably as much as it hurt the men. I’m told it takes lots of practice to get calluses on your hand. And there’s a certain way to strike the meatiest part—upward, cupping your palm, to minimize the sting to you, but maybe not to your partner *grin*.

The hostess began the “formal” part of the evening with a demonstration of rhythmic spanking to suitable music (Note to self: ask for her playlist). The male unfolded a sturdy massage table and lay face-down thereon. Using various implements, Mistress proceeded to show how to warm up the skin, starting softly, moving around so no one spot took too much at once. Notably, she always had one hand on some part of his skin while the other did the beating. This was, of course, to establish and maintain connection and communication.

Occasionally she ran a soothing hand over the reddening areas. At times she’d do a little impromptu dance in time to the music, showing how much she enjoyed what she was doing. She also used both palms to strike with when the spirit moved her. The gentleman made noises of pleasure and sometimes offered funny remarks, which were gleefully met with harder spanks. You could tell they’ve been doing this for quite a while.

Then it was free-for-all time. A set of game dice geared to spanking appeared: three oversize dice with, I think, fourteen facets (think of a cube with all eight corners cut off). One die contained numbers. This was the number of hits; the largest number of the evening was 29. A second die chose the implement; the one most coveted was “wild” wherein the top could use any implement of choice. The third was how: on hands and knees, in a corner, against a wall, on the floor, over the knee, bending over with hands on ankles, and various other permutations.

Since the male/female ratio was uneven, we did a round-robin, where all the women eventually had several chances at all the men, who were never allowed to lounge around. It was a discomfiting experience at first to have a naked man lying across my lap, face down, rump in the air, awaiting seventeen whacks with a hairbrush. It wasn’t until the third or fourth go-round that I began to really get into the swing of it (and the men’s bums had warmed up sufficiently) and allowed myself to thwack as hard as I perceived they could take and would want.

Lexan paddle
I must say, I found myself just the tiniest bit sadistic by the end of the evening. I was exhilarated and energized, tickled to see the squirming, the reddening, the enjoyment of the men from my efforts. I saw what kinds of marks each implement made, learned how much force to use in each case. I decided that this evening put me, again, firmly in the Switch category. Because really, what's not to like about having naked men at your feet? Or on your lap, or against the wall or...

My favorite implement? The photo shows a Lexan paddle, which makes beautiful marks on skin. The science behind it, it was explained to me, was that the holes lower the resistance to air and can therefore provide a heavier impact. Which in turn provides a delicious reaction. Of course I had to have someone show, not tell me. It’s a real ouchie!

By the way, there was no sex involved. No touching of genitals, no exchanges of bodily fluids. Just an atmosphere of fun and power exchanges and spanking. It was, in a word, awesome. Would I do it again? Absoluely!

Stay tuned for more adventures in the name of research.

~~ Cris Anson


  1. Sounds a lot more interesting than most of the parties I've been to btw...and yeah, writers will do anything in the name of research...nice work if you can get it btw...

  2. Interesting event. I think I would have been nervous but it sounds like everyone was very much at ease. I'm glad you are able to get some research in this area!

  3. Cris it's always so much fun to read your experiences in the BDSM world. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Thanks, all, for commenting. I do admit to enjoying my research!

  5. As one of the participating couples, we enjoy having you as part of the group and learning new things. You have "almost" (LOL)mastered the technique of using the leather paddle and canes. We look forward to your continued research.

  6. Thank you for sharing, Cris. Interesting read. Love your posts.

  7. Wow, Cris! I'm cracking up! You're the coolest chick ever! The things we authors do for research! I tell ya!

  8. *hee hee* Thanks, Shari. I'll have to get a T-shirt with that saying on it. And thank you, Sayara, for your warm words.