Thursday, July 9, 2015


After a holiday without computer access, I returned to discover some great news. Two of my books were nominated for the Golden Flogger Award, and both have both been announced as finalists.

What is the Golden Flogger Award, you ask?

It’s the premier contest for books in the BDSM genre, inaugurated by Dr. Charley Ferrer in conjunction with her BDSM Writers Con, to be held this year in New York August 20-23. Readers of BDSM were invited to nominate their favorite BDSM books. Winners will be announced Sunday, August 23, at the Book Fair. I'll write more about the Con in a future blog.

But for now, the Golden Flogger Awards.

This contest garnered almost 200 nominations. Categories included BDSM Light, BDSM Advanced, BDSM Dark Erotica, Novellas, Dominant Men and Submissive Women, LGBT, Menage, Paranormal, Non-Fiction, and Anthology.

My novel REDEMPTION AND GLORY is a finalist in the BDSM Advanced category. Here’s the blurb:

Bored with all the groupies who provide him with anonymous sex, famous sculptor Adam accepts the offer to lurk behind a voyeur screen at his agent’s BDSM club. Watching the magnificent Mistress Glory in action, Adam is so smitten that he can’t decide if he wants to tame her or kneel before her.

When Davinia helps her business partner at a book signing, the man of her wet dreams, a magazine’s “Most Eligible Bachelor,” comes by to help publicize the event. Instant lust turns to chagrin when he addresses her as Mistress Glory.

As the two novices to Dominance and submission explore what turns them on in this exciting new world, the journey takes explosive twists and turns. Add the sexy agent and his slave, and anything can—and does—happen.

In the Novella category, AARON’S JEWEL was selected as a finalist. The blurb:

Finding a position as corporate legal counsel in one’s middle-50s after being downsized sucks, so Aaron haunts his local dungeon to soothe his frustration. Feeling squeezed by work and family obligations, ghost writer Julia turns up at the same dungeon to do “research” for her current assignment.

The moment they meet, the dominant in Aaron recognizes the submissive in Julia.

He peels away the layers of her shyness along with her clothes. He gets her—his Jewel—naked and writhing against the cross and over the spanking bench. And she revels in his dominance and tutelage, discovering her wanton self whether tied to a bed in private or blindfolded and the target of many hands in public.

But real life isn’t all adult fun and games. Not when grown children, parents, careers and aging bodies conspire to challenge their burgeoning relationship.

The First Annual BDSM WritersCon Anthology 2014 was nominated by several people and selected by the judges as a finalist. I have a short piece, “When Restraint Sets You Free”, in it. It cannot be chosen the winner because of its association with the conference, but the contest organizers wanted to acknowledge its finalist status.

I hope you can join us, whether as a reader or an author, at this year’s BDSM Writers Con. Check it out here

Enjoy your summer! And be sure to spend some leisure time reading the finalists in BDSM’s Golden Flogger Awards.

~~ Cris Anson