Monday, November 25, 2013


Of course I’m thankful for the usual things: my health, my home, my family and friends, what the rising stock market has done for my 401(k) since 2008. But since I’m leaning waaaay into kink (for research purposes, you know), here’s a different list of things I’m glad are in my life.
1.     Ellora’s Cave. In 2001, the incomparable Jaid Black started the ball rolling to provide erotic romance to millions of women, and her company is still one of the best publishers in the genre. I’m proud to be an EC author. By the way (bit of self-promotion here), MERCY AND REDEMPTION, available now in digital format, will be in print on December 23. Add it to your wish list now!
2.     Dr. Charley Ferrer. She’s a world-renowned sexologist who has enlightened doctors and psychologists in China, Venezuela and other countries as well as the United States on the subject of Domination/submission. She was also responsible for some serious education with her first two BDSM Workshops for Writers. Next year’s conference, August 21-24, 2014 in New York City, will appeal to readers and authors alike. Besides workshops on how to enhance your erotic romance writing, it will feature lifestyle practitioners demonstrating various aspects of the BDSM culture as well as a visit to a private dungeon.

Joining me in a two-part workshop that weekend are some of my favorite EC authors:

3.     Samantha Cayto. One look at her website, with its cuffs and whips motif, will tell you a bit about her books. She loves to write male/male stories as well as those featuring kick-ass heroines.

4.     Joey W. Hill. Don’t miss her Master of the Boardroom series. Or her Nature of Desire series. Or….just about anything she writes. In 2011 she received the Career Achievement award in Erotica by RTBookReviews.
5.     Desiree Holt. She won the first 5-Heart Sweetheart of the Year Award at The Romance Studio, and has been dubbed “the Nora Roberts of erotic romance” by USA Today.
6.     Kathy Kulig. This PRISM- and EPIC-award-winning author is focusing on BDSM in a big way and her books just keep getting hotter and hotter.
I'm also thankful for some kinks I've experienced in the name of research, including:

7.     Violet wand electro-play. I addressed this delicious kink in a blog after the first BDSM for Writers conference.  
8.     Spanking. I also discussed my initial foray into spanking in the above blog. But it just might become addictive the more I give and receive it. As with any impact play, it’s not about being a pain slut, it’s the connection between spanker and spankee and all the lovely interaction.

9.     Flogging. Yes, it really does feel like a good, hard massage. And it can be more. So much more. Again, it’s the connection.

10.  Rigging. Stay tuned for more on this subject because, now that I’ve actually been tied up, I plan to go “all the way” and be suspended with ropes.

And, to round out the dozen:

11.  Brimstone. It’s billed as the Northeast’s premier kink convention, and here’s why. More than a hundred workshops on all manner of kink during the three days of Thanksgiving weekend. A massive dungeon to play in at night. Massage/spa area. Even a room set aside for orgies (I might look in on that in case I want to write a scene with 4 or 5 or more participants…but I’d probably need a road map to follow who’s who).

12.  Fetlife. The place where kinksters connect with each other, discover places to meet and play, and gather information about whatever subject interests them, because if it’s kinky, someone will surely have already written about it on Fet.

What are you thankful for at this time of year?

~~ Cris Anson

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Interview with an Experienced Dom: Summer Sins

Guest blogger Kathy Kulig has interviewed her to-die-for Dominant hero, Master Adrian Cayne. Yum! This man makes me wish he lived in my area, because I would dearly love to meet him and do more *um* research. SUMMER SINS will set your libido on fire!

SUMMER SINS by Kathy Kulig
Release day: November 15
Ellora’s Cave
BDSM Erotica, Taboo Line

Thanks so much for having me as a guest, Cris. SUMMER SINS is part of the TropiX series. All books are completely separate stand-alone books and can be read in any order. SPRING BREAK is a ménage erotic romance. Other books will follow.

I have a number of awesome prizes for my Release CONTEST. $25 Gift Card to an ebook store of the winner’s choice, Free Ebooks, and, to a US resident--a 2014 Ellora’s Cave Cavemen Calendar. Sign up through the Rafflecopter at any blog tour stop. Contest runs from November 15- December 14.

 Blurb: Master Adrian Cayne knows how to bring exquisite pain or pleasure to a woman’s body. Before he’ll take on an inexperienced submissive, he expects her to pass a series of seductive tests of increasing intensity to see if she’s receptive to his unique and dark skills. Under his command and relentless determination, she’ll relinquish control to him.
Emma is known to thoroughly research her articles for the tabloid magazine Scandal. Her latest assignment to write about Dark Odyssey, a new BDSM club, is her chance to indulge in her taboo desires for the sex she craves as a submissive. With her job and future career on the line, she has to write a lurid, gossipy story. But her heart isn’t in it because she falling for Adrian.
Raw and hot passion draws them past guarded limits, but when secrets are revealed, trust will be the final test for true love.

SUMMER SINS, Character Interview with hero Master Adrian Cayne
-Adrian Cayne, what makes you so special? As an experienced Dom and a neurosurgeon, I’m attentive to my sub’s needs and have a desire to protect and nurture. But I also know every nerve in a woman’s body that will provide the most intense pleasure or pain.

-Tell us about your most current adventure. I’ve been called on by two close friends to check out a new BDSM club called Dark Odyssey to make sure it meets all safety and client standards. I know they’re planning to set me up with an attractive yet inexperienced submissive. I don’t train inexperienced subs. Too much drama.

-Tell us a little bit about your author. Where can we find more of her works? And if you could offer your author advice, what would it be? My author may appear shy at first, but don’t let her fool you. She has a wicked and dark side of her own. Learn more about her and her books at: My advice to her is trust and not hold back. Something all Doms expect of their subs, she should apply to her writing.

-Are you happy with the way people perceive you? My professional life as a surgeon must remain separate from my BDSM life. Not all people are open-minded and my career means everything to me.

-Tell us a little about your world, or job? I’m trying to get on staff at the hospital. The director of neurosurgery is old school in many ways. So you can appreciate my dilemma in wanting to keep my private life private.

-Is expressing love difficult for you? Why? My career has high demands. Not every woman can handle that. When the right woman comes along, I don’t anticipate a problem.

-Care to share a little of the “real” you with readers? Any dark secrets? My last sub nearly cost me my job. She was a pain slut and obsessed. I didn’t like the man I was becoming while trying to give her what she needed. When I tried to end it, she showed up at the hospital in fetish wear, bruised and crying. I hadn’t given her the bruises. That did finally end the relationship.

-What’s your most favorite thing to do? I love my work and the BDSM lifestyle. For free time I love to sail. But I haven’t had the chance since med. school.

-Is your gut always right? Not always, but I’m learning. An obsessed submissive is a bad choice and so is an inexperienced sub. Now, I test my subs first to make sure they’re receptive to my commands and willing to trust me.

-Do you sing in the shower? Doesn’t everyone?

-Have you ever lost control? What was the outcome? A Dom can never lose control.

-How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time? Good question. We’ll leave that one up to your imagination.

-How old are you? 35

-Are there any last words you’d like to share? I haven’t admitted this to my friends yet, but I’ve never been so attracted to a woman. Emma Summers is hot, intelligent and confident, but she has little experience as a sub which has me worried. Normally I wouldn’t take on someone so inexperienced to train, but if she passes my tests, I could make an exception. In fact, I’m counting on it.

Contest runs from November 15th – December 14th.

Kathy’s Links: Website
FB Author     FB     Twitter   Blog

~~ Note from Cris: Phew! Is it hot in here or is it just this awesome hero heating up the pixels?  Doesn't that cover make you want to go right out and buy SUMMER SINS?
~~ Last note...don't forget to enter Kathy's contest.